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A fable about a close-minded king. This was written for the Forester's Fables contest.
Once upon a time there was a king
And to a woman, he gave no ring
"There is no maiden, in this fair city!
Oh what a shame, and oh what a pity!"

The king just did not know any lust
His mother had said, it was a bust.
"I am just too handsome!" he declared!
"They are all ugly - can't be repaired!

"Instead I will rule with iron fist!
With no soul being on my good list!
I need no woman hanging on my hand
Cause I can have whatever I demand!"

Then came a woman who had no hair
The people all thought, look what a bare!
But she got invited to the big ball
And with her dancing blew away them all!

They saw how she twirled, she danced
Oh look how the king was entranced!
They went under the stars, to the courtyard,
She laughed to herself, cause it was not hard

She won the king's heart,
She knew from the start,
He's really not just an old fart.
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