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A dating site has led me to create this letter.
Hi Ayako,
I do love art. Right now I am volunteering at the Museum of Contemporary Art as a docent. Docents give tours. I have two on Fridays. The MCA just opened to the public. I went through nine weeks of training, and am well versed in all of the art there. My real passion is writing. I want to write a book. Right now I am working on a few short stories. Recently I won a writing contest at the community college I attend. The short story was about a dream I had. I won fifty dollars, and I will have my publication in the literary magazine. Next year I will continue my studies as a writer in Idaho, Montana, or stay here in Colorado and go to the college in Durango.
I am taking guitar lessons on the side. Studding Led Zeppelin’s “Whole lot a Love.” I like playing. I started playing classical guitar two years ago, but now I play the blues. I know some good classical guitarist. One of my guitar buddies just got married on New Year’s Eve. He’s real lucky! He has a wicked reputation as a classical guitarist. He also plays the drums. We get together every other week. That is when I get the blues out of my system.
I am also the President of the The English Club. My buddy who got married is the Vice President. In the club we read one book a month. The club meets twice a month: once to discuss the book we read and once to have a workshop. Well, that’s my art story.
How did you get the cool job being an illustrator? Do you draw free hand or on a computer? What is your necklace? Is it special to you? Do you like this website? I could go on, and if you let me I will. But for now I will end with my name.

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