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in loving memory of a turture soul God bless you.
love hurts, OHHH does love hurt, from
the bottom of my heart, to the top
of my soul,love stands buried in the foot
hills of my despair.
if the wind stirred under my heated breath
and caused a stir in the equilibrium of
life so also has my heart stirred to
leave me breathless, empty and void of
good thoughts. How faith once so-called
dealt me, a hand of pure chance,now
i am alone with only pain held close
to my heart.

Sometimes i stay up at night sitting,
waiting, for a call, just a signal of
your kindness and nothing but silence rings aloud,
i'm supremely beside myself in my living room diary.
Summon no more memories of times past
and remember me not for cold is my shoulder
and warm is my wrath.

you call me no more, i here your voice
only through clenched teeth and
empty promises and broken hearts,
love hurts and you leaving really
broke my HEART!
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