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Rated: E · Serial · Romance/Love · #1437254
An angel comes down from heaven to help a girl in need.
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„Alright settle down people, please!“ the teacher shouted to the class as it slowly fell silent, apart from the few whispers among friends.

“Open your books to page 461…we’ll be reading Romeo & Juliet today.” She continued normally, once the noise had hushed. She was about to speak when a sudden knock on the door disrupted her thoughts. Turning her head to the door in confusion as a thicker female teacher’s head poked into the door.

“Yes?” She asked.

“The new student is here” The thick teacher whispered.

“Oh! Right! Yes of course, let him in. Class we’re getting a new student today.” The teacher announced, having completely forgotten. The teacher by the door disappeared and opened the door to let in the new student. Emily’s eyes curiously wandered to the door as a tall muscular young man stepped into the room. His hair pitch black and his eyes tainted in an eerie brown that made them shimmer in a violet-redish tone.

He walked across the front of the room towards the desk of the teacher. Looking at her for a moment expressionlessly before he turned to the class, scanning each student until his eyes rested on Emily with s raised brow and a one sided smirk.

“Well welcome…I’m Mrs. Clark the class teacher and Language Arts instructor. Please introduce yourself” Mrs. Clark requested, giving a quick nod at the thick teacher in the door to verify that everything was alright.

“I’m Kuro…” He said simply, still fixed on Emily who was growing extremely insecure as he starred at her continuously. Mrs. Clark’s smile slowly faded at his emotionless response, she had thought that he would describe where he was from like every other average person.

“Well….Kuro….have a seat then.” She said half laughingly. Kuro began to walk to his seat, about two places across and one behind from Emily, and sat down, all the while still eyeing her.

“So…back to this, book pages 461 let’s read where we left of previously” Mrs. Clark said and they began reading. The classroom was quiet apart from the voice of the teacher as she read Shakespeare to them. Emily’s eyes were fixed on her books but she neither read nor heard what Mrs. Clark read because she felt uncomfortable by the constant stares Kuro was throwing at her. The way his black hair fell over his face was appealing, but at the same time made her feel insecure and unsure.

The distant voice of the teacher was only taken in by Emily’s subconscious, and obviously Kuro wasn’t shedding much interest on the subject either. Although his head was turned to his book, his eyes wandered to Emily with the same expressionless smirk. Emily frowned, her eyes uncomfortably shifting between her book and the desk horizontally behind her where Kuro sat.

“Okay, so who can tell me why she drank the poison after she had woken up?” Mrs. Clark asked. Two hands went in the air, although everyone knew the answer, people in 12th grade found disinterest in answering questions. The two girls that had their hands up were the class geeks, at the very front of the class waving furiously as if their hands would fall of if they didn’t get picked.

“Shere.” The teacher made her pick.

“Because as she awoke and found her one and only true love dead…her purpose in life as well had died so therefore she wanted to die to be reunited with Romeo.” Shere said quickly and proudly.

“Good…now can anyone relate this story to a personal experience or even personal observation?” Mrs. Clark asked, not surprised to find null hands in the air. The guys surely wouldn’t talk about true love because they’d be marked as softies and the girls would be called silly and made fun of, Mrs. Clark knew this so she exhaled in irritation.

“No one?” She asked again impatiently and nothing changed. “Okay then Kuro how about you? You’re new…tell us; Have you ever experienced true love?”

Kuro’s eyes finally wandered away from Emily and towards Mrs. Clark. He gave her empty glance for a minute before he parted his lips to speak. “Where I come from true love is only a myth.”

“I see…” Mrs. Clark said dully, confused about this new student.

“However…I could imagine experiencing it in the near future with her” He continued pointing at Emily who had begun drawing in her notebook and not noticed the attention. Mrs. Clark’s eyes wandered from him to Emily in awe that he could say something so serious with such a straight face. Everyone’s gaze turned to Emily, her own remaining buried in her drawings, however as the entire class fell silent she looked up in confusion to the odd silence. Looking around to find everyone starring at her, her eyes moved in their sockets uncomfortably until she found Kuro pointing at her.

“Me?!” She asked with a shocked squeak.

“I’m pointing at you aren’t I?” Kuro said coolly.

“That’s pathetic” she scoffed, shaking her head and turning back to her drawing.

“It’s Fantastic!” he replied, teasing her. She turned her upper body to him with a deadly glare.

“Idiotic” she smirked sarcastically.

“Romantic” he replied.

“Idealic!” she said with fake blissfulness.

“Terrific!” he proclaimed.

“Sarcastic” she replied dully.

“Epic…” he admitted.

“Psychotic” she rolled her eyes turning back to her paper. The class had followed their conversation all the way through.


“Lunatic” she grumbled.

“Hm…what’s another one?” he thought. “Prolific!” he smirked at her.

“Barbaric” she mumbled.

“Eccentric…” he repeated.

“You already said that, I win” she said, flapping her folder closed and getting up in perfect synchronism as the bell rang.

“Al—alright then…w—we’ll get back to that next lesson then” Mrs. Clark said blankly, confused about what had just happened.

“She’s good” he muttered to himself.

“Yea…no one gets close to her, that’s why everyone makes fun of her” A slim boy said from behind him. “But dude you totally rocked it!”

“Cryptic” he mumbled, getting from his seat and leaving the classroom as bluntly as he came, gaining the recognition of everyone’s keen eye. The girls giggled and chattered about him and the guys were either impressed or envious.


“Hey there!” Kuro said blissfully, stepping in front of Emily on her way off the school grounds and spinning to her side after the day was over. “How was your day?”

“Enthusiastic” she said sarcastically with a fake smile.

“Ah still at it are you?” he smirked, walking beside her.

“Still annoying are you?” she replied.

“More like…motivated!” he laughed.

“Rhetoric…” she commented.

“Hm…smart, very smart. How do you remember all these words?” he asked walking beside her still.

“I spend less time stalking others in my Language Arts class and pay more attention.” She mocked.

“I see. So what’s your name?” he asked.

“Anonymous” she kept it short.

“Anonymous? Who calls their daughter that?” he asked teasingly.

“Goodbye” she said jumping on the street trolly.

“Until we meet again…Emily Rose” He shouted after her with a generous bow. Emily frowned as he said her name, she hadn’t told him her name. The whole way home she wondered how he had found out her name, what surprised her more was that she was thinking of him still as she got off the trolly. She looked at her house door from the street emptily, her thoughts were somewhere else, she wasn’t even looking at the door itself.

Without putting down her bag she ran towards Angel’s house, wondering where Kuro came from, his name certainly originated from a distant area because she had never heard it. Her heart raced as the wind fluttered through her loosely tied hair as she ran down the dusty road, her books neatly rumbling in her backpack and her folder flying freely in her grip. She didn’t care about how many papers she was tormenting by running so violently, or if any papers flew out at the back because she was curious; and curiosity was like starvation to her, simply unbearable.

“Angel!” she shouted, knocking on his door desperately. The door swung open after what seemed like a long while, revealing a bare-chested figure with ruffled white hair and sleep-driven eyes. Emily’s hand froze, her eyes widened and her folder dropped as she saw Angel standing before her so exposed, yawning and stretching and revealing his muscles while doing so.

“You came” he smiled in his yawn, scratching the side of his head, only ruffling his hair more. “I never knew sleeping felt so refreshing.”

“Y—yes well…excuse me but I seem to have lost my thoughts” she said, turning to her fallen folder to pick it up but Angel had already bent down to assist her.

“Thoughts about what?” he asked, walking inside with her folder and placing it on the desk.

“A—about something…oh yes! There way a new guy at our school today” she said suddenly, jumping out of her trance.

“A new guy?” he asked.

“Yes…his name was Kuro, really odd fellow. You don’t happen to know where someone with a name like that would come from?” she sat down on the cloud-like couch.

“Unfortunately no, although I myself have never bared witness to such a name.” he commented, walking to the kitchen and retrieving something from the oven. Emily stretched her back to see what it was, but it remained shed from her eyes. Angel smiled, putting the tray’s contents on a plate and walking back to the couch, sitting down beside Emily with the odd looking ‘food’.

“Try it” he urged.

“What is it?” she asked cautiously.

“Trust me…try it.” He offered the plate. Emily shakily broke off a piece of the odd looking food and insecurely bit down into it. It tasted unlike anything she had ever eaten, soft and mushy but not icky. It was addicting, almost divine in taste and unbelievably sweet. Not sweet in an over-sugared way but rather perfectly sweet.

“Wow…this is amazing! Whatever is it made of?” she asked astonished.

“It’s made of magic” he smiled.

“Oh really? Simple enough” she laughed, taking another piece and eating it dedicatedly. It took her a while to notice that Angel was staring at her. “What?”

“You’re smiling…you haven’t smiled in a long time.” He remarked, leaning against the couch with his tanned upper body. Emily leaned her head to the side with a funny frown, swallowing the last gulps of the ‘Magic’ food.

“Let’s get going, wouldn’t be all to great if it gets dark before we arrive there.” Angel said putting the plate aside and getting up and reaching out to help her up. Emily gladly took his hand, unsure why she felt so much pressure on her thoughts as she looked at him. The sun was shining into the wide open front door and, as nature would have it, shined directly on Angel’s lion fur coloured chest giving it a fatally lustful shimmer. Angel smiled like a child that had just thought a mischievous thought and lifted her up, walking to the front door with her blinded from the blushing sight behind him.

“W—wait, you’re going like that?” Emily asked pointing at his pyjama pants.

“Huh?” he asked looking down at himself, “oh right, my mistake I am not yet used to changing clothes…where I come from we always wear the same thing.”

Angel quickly changed and pulled her out the front door eagerly. He walked through a series of fields followed by a slanted forest that led uphill until they came to a clearing that reminded Emily of Pride Rock from Lion king because on it you could look over an entire landscape, free of all things man-made.

Emily’s face lit up, it was so overall vast and magnanimous that her eyes could barely take in its beauty all at once. The sun hung low on the horizon, bidding the earth farewell for the next twelve hours to meet again at the break of the next dawn. The orangey light that surrounded them was closely in resemblance to candlelight that delivered with it a certain harmony among them.

“It’s breathtaking” Emily commented.

“Yes it is rather larger and more beautiful than if you see it from above” Angel admitted to himself.

They both fell silent to appreciate the nature before them that, with time, grew rarer among the earth. Still Emily couldn’t understand why she was constantly thinking of Kuro, as if he had plagued her mind. Up until now she still wasn’t even sure if she thought of him in a negative or a positive manner. Shaking her head at the distraction she decided to let her eyes wander along the huge stage-like rock they were standing on and soon let them fall on a very minuscule path among the trees that made up the forest.

“Where does that go?” she asked.

“I—I really don’t know” he admitted again but before he could properly finish Emily started in the direction of the path narrowly. She recognized it in an odd sense, a memory was there but she could neither decipher it, nor properly picture it. Suddenly the forest dropped and she found herself standing at the corner of a cliff with barely enough space for her and Angel to stand. She was on a clearing that had them surrounded by forest trees and was frighteningly familiar to her. Looking over the corner of the horizon just as the sun got slowly swallowed by it.

“That’s right” she began, looking up at the light purple sky, “I used to come here when I was little. I’d lie down right here and…and count the stars until I fell asleep, shooting stars counted as four stars. And then I’d wake up at dawn and rush home to spare me from beating. But always as I got home my parents were neatly seated at breakfast and paid me no heed. I came here almost everyday for about a year, before…”

“Before your father beat you and you had to go to the hospital for it.” Angel finished the sentence for her, recalling watching her every night as she was laughing and counting the stars with herself and a few of her childhood imaginary friends. Emily’s gaze was tightly fixed on him, even though she had gotten used to knowing he knew everything about her, it was still strange to hear a story that only she and her parents knew from a different person’s point of view.

“Yes…now I remember.” She inhaled uncomfortably and turned her eyes to the opposing side. Angel felt almost bad that he said it, seeing her reaction. Emily’s fingers ran over the markings on the trees beside her as she laid eyes on the lines she had carved and remembering how she had carved them with every star she counted, she couldn’t help but bring out the warm smile that was tingling within her the moment she saw it.

“Thank you…” She said, making Angel grow blunt. “For bringing me here”

“You’re not…sad?” he asked confused.

“No. I think it was important for me to remember, I used to love coming here. It was like I was in my own world here, I was happy when I came here.” She reminded him.

“Then you should come back more often.” He suggested.

“I believe I will. You should join me, counting something endless is more fun if you have someone to share it with” she smiled.

“I’d be honoured” he remarked in a half whisper, returning the smile. They were surprised by how quick it had gotten dark, and even more stunned as they looked up to find a sky without a single cloud, full of stars, and a clear view to the milkyway. There’d be only one way to generously describe it without destroying the meaningfulness of its beauty…a masterpiece.
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