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This is about how I feel about the modern day american high school.
Goth. Say that word in my school and people make a nasty face like they just ate last weeks garbage. Dress like one and you'll be ranked lower than garbage. People are so stereotypical now a days. I personally hate it. Some of my best friends are goth and they don't do the "goth things" people claim they do like worship Satan or play hookey . My friends are acually better behaved than those other punks in school. My friends have good grades and they don't start fights even though one of them is a third degree black belt and could probably kick one of those rich kid wrestling boys a foot away with just a flip of the wrist. I don't understand why such nice people have to be labeled so cruelly. Those "rich popular' people say it's because they can. Oh yeah? Well they can also be a bit nicer. You don't see us picking fights and thinking we're all that just because we have the latest game system or the nicest car in the school parking lot. They're just a herd of lemmings that will eventually fall off of a cliff one of these days. i don't even see how they earned that title popular because they're so hostile and obnoxious. People turn away when they see someone wearing black. Not all gothic people wear all black. They wear other colors too you know INCLUDING PINK! Another thing almost all of my friends are Christian except for one who happens to be Muslim. Those popular kids claim they're christian but do they do they christian thing and accept people? NO! So again in the end my "evil devil kissing friends" come out on top when it comes to moralities and values, Goths are people too and we all should accept people no matter how they dress. We accept people's color now but we still haven't broken the stereotype barrier and for all I know it may never be broken. I understand and respect people's opinions but at a certain point in time it no longer becomes an opinion but a form of bullying. So the next time you see someone you may not like because of the way they look give them a smile or talk pleasantly to them THEN make up your mind; you'd be surprised how right the phrase "never judge a book by its cover" is.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1439266