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by JDMac
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A thoughtful tale of bees and men.
The wind whispers slowly,
through the muted sky.
I sat there in silence,
watching the world go by.

The birds drifted past,
preparing for the night,
and a silent, stalking feline
watched them in their flight.

The insects of the evening buzzed
around a glowing streetlight,
striking the glass again and again,
refusing to abandon their fight.

My gaze drifted down to see
mankind’s brilliance unfurled.
The city spread out before me,
humanity’s mark upon the world.

People scurried here and there,
like bees within a hive,
only venturing out if
it helps their business thrive.

Like a scientist in his lab,
I sat there, at a distance, watching.
I dared not go closer,
fearing the bee’s painful sting.

Though a part of the human hive,
and with them I have flown,
I feel I’ve been deserted,
A bee all alone.

What does a bee do when
he’s separated from his hive?
What keeps his wings buzzing
and striving to survive?

A hope still dwells deep
within his lonely little heart
that, to his lost hive,
he can still be a part.

So the bee keeps on searching
for the scent of honeycomb,
and the familiar sound of buzzing wings,
saying to him, Welcome home.

Then he will be happy,
united with his kind.
Purpose will be restored
within his tired little mind.

Bees and man are bound together
by the roles they are assigned.
Very few can survive if
they’ve been left behind.

Until the time comes that,
to my home, I will fly,
I sit here in silence,
watching the world go by.
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