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by smithy
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Ever had a nightmare??

My fears, eluded
by daylight,
bring tears and screams
in dead of night.

The phobias
of years gone by
form in my dreams now
as I lie.

I know not why,
nor know from where,
they come to be
in my nightmare.

But come they do
as large as life;
With dripping axe
and blood soaked knife...

...or in the shape
of fiendish things;
Fierce wasps and bees,
red poison stings.

Which, in my haste
to outrun all;
I become conscious
as I fall...


...This night I dreamed
a forlorn ghost;
A dream I dread
much more than most.

For in this dream
I do not wake;
No matter how
I scream and shake.

Great beads of sweat
drip from my head;
Soaking the pillow
on my bed.

Then, as my senses
start to reel;
A calmness settles
head to heel.

I know then as
from Earth I soar;
The ghost is me
I am no more!!

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