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by rahbee
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taking a hands on approach.
There are hearts so big that they are bursting
And cursing words that I can’t take it in.
But I’m devouring it all, bit by bit.
This is my last easy, ten-steps-a-day routine
To replace you:
To cause a heart break so irreplaceable,
and so irresponsible that;
When I say I love you, it doesn’t mean forever;
It means that I’ve got a gun to your chest
And I’m not afraid.

In this argument I am
empowering, controlling, raging and meaning every hurtful, embarrassing
Detail that I’ve recorded. So fast forward;
To see it happen fast. Then rewind to watch it in slow motion
To catch the exact frame you realise
That you’re subordinate; to every
Last drag of every last stick I breathe in.
You’re insignificant
To every red badge caused
By someone on the same team.

If you ever finally realise that this
Isn’t your fault, my game is over.
Then you would win,
But you didn’t.

But now that you’ve gone.
Now that I can move on.
Now that the memory of you is
A broken record of every silly teenage girls life:

All that’s left is white marks on pink skin.
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