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by spidey
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without warning.

Without warning
I was accosted, assaulted, nearly assassinated
by Today.
It started with an alarm clock
that sucker punched me -
a gutful of A.M.

My squinted eyes peeked
and the sunrise flipped me off.
I tried to turn my cheek,
but was blindsided
by breakfast.

Storm clouds heavy with depressive pain
sneezed manically on my worn sneakers.

I pounded the pavement back down
so it would stop biting my ankles.
My sluggish heart, a two-ton weight
skipped in my impatient chest.


Looking to the sky for something,
any sign of purity or reason,
I was disappointed
beneath crippled rainbows.

I tripped my way through the minutes,
the hours . . .

Because soon,
maybe before I knew it,
just maybe -
the sun would set.

And we could do it all over again -

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