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hopping from one story to another, and another, and another.....
The fragile thread of my thoughts was frayed
and still I played in your escapade;
tripping through fields of screaming daisies
and laughing as ants soldiered by…

The ants went marching one by one
and the little one stopped
‘cause she’d gotten lost
in the verdant forests
of the grassy beyond…

But I’m not in that story any more,
I found a rabbit hole and fell through its door…

The Cheshire Cat now wears a frown;
his grin, forgotten  when Alice left town.
Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
lost all their weight with lap-band surgery.
The smoking caterpillar found a ‘shroom
that caused his thoughts to leave too soon. 
So there he sat, perpetually pondering
crocodile smiles, eternally wondering. 
The Queen of Hearts’ true face was shown,
so I closed my eyes “There’s no place like home”…

Then, my house crashed down in Oz;
my soul, like glass, revealed my flaws.
The daisies turned into poppies here;
- I started to yawn; my thoughts, unclear. -

I became the Wicked Witch of the East
when a magical mirror reflected the beast.
My heart bled green as the envy consumed me
from being told of another’s surpassing beauty.
Despair’s blackness
         brought blooms of hatred to life
so I sent legions of demons
         to mete out pain and strife…

Pandora’s box was now opened so wide,
all the world’s miseries escaped from inside.
I just sat back, laughing with evil glee,
and drove the unicorns into the raging sea.

Suddenly, I was beside a night darkened pond
with a wave of my godmother’s magical wand.
I spied a frog with skin of bright green.
Upon our kiss, I became The Fairy Queen.

The once-frog said, “I’m Tamlin, pretty one,
and I’m yours ‘til the fabric of time is undone.”
But, the fabric of time, like my thoughts, was frayed
and Dawn‘s light revealed a mere stag in a glade…

I followed the stag through a forest on fire
jumping ravines as the flames leapt higher.
Over rocks and hills, through streams, we fled,
to escape the inferno which burned deathly red.
I swam through a river flowing with rage
and fell soundly asleep at the turn of a page…

I awoke from slumber, locked high in a tower,
to discover my prison was my wedding bower.
Who’s this knave I‘ve been forced to wed?
The voices were screaming inside my head,
“Kill him, KILL HIM! Then escape!”
So I grabbed a knife and donned my cape…

Off I went to, yet,  another place;
a hare and a turtle in the midst of a race.
And farther in, upon the sand,
an owl and a cat danced hand-in-hand.

Another reality added to the mix,
lets take one more trip for kicks.
I don’t wanna go back to the land of the sane,
I’ll stay here with you and play your game.

But that pretty blonde chick has got to go;
she has too much power she can’t control.
By the way, who made her Keeper of the Gate?
And what kind of harm could going through create? 
If we can’t go through, we’ll circle around.
'cause it’s too late to turn back now.

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