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Takes a look into the world we live in
Why do we live in a world where we allow controversial shows to air where they show us in bad light and why do we allow production companies use it as entertainment?
I think that is one of the worst things we can allow people to do to our image and our families. If we continue to allow shows to convey us in a bad light then everything in our lives are going to go wrong. Everything has an impact on some aspect of our lives.

Shows should not try to get dirt on people so that it shows them in a bad light and possibly end marriages or break up families. Family, friends and marriage are sacred and no-one should be allowed to break them up. They are the glue that holds everyone together and without that we have no stability and no hope for the future and hope is what we desperately need in this day and age.

We need hope, love, and honesty from friends and family. We need people to understand us, and not try to hurt us in any way. Human pride right now is at an all time low, we need to change our way of dealing with people and situations so that things get better – faster. We need to realize that everything we do can make a difference to someone else, just being there for someone can make all the difference in the world for that person, helping someone out of the kindness of your heart will mean the world to someone else, so instead of thinking with the “me” mentality think of how you can help others to become healthier, stronger, individuals and show them how they can make a difference to someone else.

We have to start seeing the good in the world rather than the bad, the news is constantly full of all the bad things, murders, burglaries, shoplifting, muggings, it’s a wonder we can go outside each day! We should start seeing the beauty that is in the world, the greenness of the trees, the fresh cut grass, the sun glinting off cars as they drive by, we should look at everything with new eyes at all we take for granted around us. Life is short, embrace everything with gusto and passion and see where you end up.
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