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Can Rachel be saved from the killer who haunts her?
The year is 1994. Rachel just came back from a two week business trip in Alaska. She lives alone, but tonight was different. A killer just escaped from jail. The killer had become obsessed with Rachel a few years back. He had become obsessed with her when they met at the Java. Even though the only way that they met was by her asking him for fifty-cents. Garner watched her that whole day thinking about how beautiful and behavaid she was. But when he found her husband, he was very disapointed. So then his attack happend, but memories of that night never faded for Rachel. But she had almost cempletly forgot now...
He had killed her husband two years ago and kidnapped her 6 year old child. He was in love with her, but her old husband was in the way of his love. His name was Garner Haster.
Rachel sat down on her bed thinking about her next meeting. She had to make a speech about global warming and how it effected Alaska in so many ways. Rachel started immediately. She took some draft paper and wrote down diffrent topics.
Garner had been working on his escape for 68 weeks now. He had help from his cell mates. He been given a knife from a ex-con after the cops search him. The cell was made out of titanium. Which made it even harder to get out. The cell lock was at the very top so that only the guards could reach it.
Everyday a guard would take the prisoners out to their work stations. They were easy to hit in the ribs and lower body when reaching for the lock. Today, the biggest guard was taking his cell to the work station.
Garner was ready... but the guard wasn't. It was 6:30 AM when the attack was held, no one had heard it. Garner grab the keys and could barely reach the lock. Some how, he escaped. "Lets move Garner!" said one of the cell mates. "Did you actually think I was going to take you with me?" Garner said.
"Well, aren't you?" said another. There was silence for a few seconds.
"No, of course not." Garner then took out the knife and killed the mates. He left with his weapon and the guard's keys.
The next day Rachel was relaxing in her living room with her new boyfriend, Jack. They were cuddling on the couch, like every couple would.
Jack changed the channel to the football game. "Do you have to watch that right now?" said Rachel, annoyed.
"Come on, you know that the Giants are on tonight. I have to watch."
Rachel got a text message from her best friend, Allison. It said, "Come to the Java with Jack. Me and Taylor are lonely"
"Do you want to go to the Java with Allison and Taylor?" said Rachel.
"If it will make you happy, I will."
Rachel grabbed her purse and put her shoes on. Jake and Rachel walked to the Java. Jack pulled Rachel out of the Java and stared to kiss her. "Jack, we're in public." mumbled Rachel. They both laughed and went inside. Allison was at the end of the line, behind four other people. "Hey," Rachel said.
"Hey! Whats up?"
They had a big conversation on there new idea for a website for their businesses.
Meanwhile, Garner returned to Rachel's old home. Where he committed his crimes. When he walked into the apartment and saw that nothing was there, he was wondering why she would run from him. He thought that there "love" would last forever. Garner was determined to find where she lived, where she worked and if she was dating. He wanted to know everything before he saw her again.
So he went to his friend's house,J Rock, where he could look her up. "J Rock, are you still here?" said Garner.
"Who wants to know?" J Rock said.
"Haster, Garner Haster."
"I thought you were in jail."
"I just escaped yesterday."
"What are you doing here?"
"I have to look up Rachel."
"Are you still obsessed with her?"
"We're in love, I'll always be obsessed with her."
"Apparently she isn't in love with you, she didn't want to-"
"Fine! Here, I looked her up."
Garner walked around to the computer, all Rachel's information was on the monitor. He wrote it all down so he could remake all his plans about her.
He left with a whole notebook filled with plans. But first, he has to have all this confirmed but his own eyes.
Rachel was now on vacation for 2 weeks, while her business does some renovation. She was planning to go to California for 5 days with Jack but Jack was having some trouble with work right now, so she postponed the trip.Garner had seen her do this and this made him very happy. This way he could see that his writings were exactly true.
The next day she went to the mall with Jack. Garner was stalker her the whole time. His information was all true so far. So now he had to plan to attack of Jack, and anyone else who got in his way.
"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow. Love you!" said Rachel, then kissed Jack. She went upstairs to her apartment, she sat down for the first time that day. Garner got into her apartment with the lock pick on the guard's keychain. He watched her all night, explored her house and went through all her draws and journals. Garner left at three in the morning with all the information possible. Surprisingly, Rachel hadn't noticed anything strange.
Garner now knew where Jack lived, so he had everything he needed. He planned to have to attack happen on the coming night, at his apartment at 11:00 PM.
Rachel spent the whole day with Jack, like she knew that he was going to die that night. Garner waited until he was left completely alone.
Jack walked into his apartment, tired from everything he had done with Rachel. He had heard a noise in his kitchen when he sat down on the couch. Jack walked slowly, he saw the draw open where the silverware was. Jack turned around and saw Garner, with a knife in his hand. He screamed and tried to run, but Garner had a tight grip on his shirt collar. Jack fell and hit his head on the floor. "You have been dating my love, and you have betrayed my love for Rachel. So... you have to pay the price." said Garner, in a low voice. Jack struggled to crawl away, but then Garner stabbed Jack in his skull and then straight down his back.
That morning, Garner was working his way up to Rachel, starting from Jack, ending with Allison.
Rachel had gone completely insane. She had forgotten about Garner, so she had never suspected him to do it.
That night Garner broke into Rachel's house, again. This time, he didn't know that the cops had put in cameras in Rachel's room after his last attack for her protection.
"Rachel... you don't know how much I've been dreaming about you..."
"No... no! Leave me alone!"
"Don't cry, I'm here to help you from your disastrous events that have been done to you."
Rachel ran into her bathroom, locking all the doors.
The cops arrived at her door when they saw the footage on camrea, but Garner had gotten away.
Rachel came out of her bathroom in tears. "Did you catch him? Please tell me your caught him!" said Rachel.
"We didn't come in time, but were now looking for him everywhere." said an officer.


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