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I intend to build off of this preview and forge a fantasy series of my own.
    I snuck quietly through the curtained archway, quickly moving through the forest of masonry columns. The final columns in front of me were massive twins; jutting up from floor to ceiling. It seemed as though the looming columns guarded the small wooden door between them. My rough woolen cloak flailed behind me as I approached the sturdy wooden door. I knew what I had to do. My mission was critical. As I approached the door I heard a low rumble from far below me. In seconds it grew into a loud roar. The marble floor below me cracked and shifted. The whole event lasted only seconds, but was violent enough to throw me off my feet.  I stood up and sprinted towards the wooden door, time was short. I drew my sword from its scabbard, it seemed to sing and quiver in my hands.                                                            

    Just as I reached the door, it burst open with a deafening bang!  I jumped back and used one of the pillars as cover. Once the dust cleared from the door way, I noticed two figures clothed in dark red robes. Their faces obscured by veils, they were a threat to me and to the Kingdom! I knew what to do. My sword was drawn and ready, but I wanted to be subtle: so I decided to use Magic. I said the incantations in a whisper and the effect was instant. The first guard, a tall imposing man, crumpled to the ground. Almost simultaneously I fired off a second spell towards the other guard. A silent streak of light leapt from my guiding hand. When it hit the guard, he …. Well let’s just say, he’s no more. Nasty spells those were, I only had knowledge and use of them thanks to my assigned mission.                              

    With that, I made my way through the doorway and started down the spiral staircase. While I was descending I met more robed guards. The first fell to my sword’s magic sharpened blade. The next one I encountered was roasted with magical flame, coaxed from my mouth. By now they had to know I had arrived, and with me the full force of the Royal Regulators. I made my way down without encountering further resistance. At the end of the stairwell stood an iron bound wooden door just like the one above me. Seeing as my cover was already blown, I didn’t hesitate in using a few choice words to knock it off its hinges.                                                                                                                        
    A huge chamber of stone masonry stood before me. It’s vaulted ceiling rose high above me, with its very top obscured by darkness. Something didn’t feel right, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Okay so it’s probably a trap….. I’m going in anyways. I stepped forward clearing the doorway, and as I walked further into the darkness, I heard a loud snap. Light flooded the chamber. Braziers along its walls banished the black night. My target stood directly in front of me. Some knew him as The Dark Mage, but I knew him as Derant Lerouse.                                                                                          

    Dressed in a blood red robe, the old man looked absolutely menacing. His long white beard lay over his chest, and his boney white hands spread wide in a welcoming gesture.  “Welcome, Welcome young Spellsword!” exclaimed Derant, in a razor edged cheery voice. “Let me guess; you’ve come to arrest me.” He quested “Oh tell me did the king send you?”  Derant teased. He cackled loudly at his own stupid joke. Man these bad guys are annoying, I didn’t let it show however and in an official voice read this nut job his charges. “Derant Lerouse! You are hereby charged with: The malpractice of magic, the use of forbidden spells, murder on seven-teen counts, and the attempted assassination of King Sarime Tal’ Wann. “ Upon hearing this the insidious old man looked at me closely as though gauging my skill and ability. “Come quietly.” I Growled “Come Quietly or die!”                                                                      

    With another mad cackle, Derant Launched into the air and loosed a volley of fireballs at me. I dodged them unscathed and let loose some fireballs of my own. Derant being the great Mage that he was, flicked them aside. In response Derant bellowed an incantation and beams of light as thick as my thigh shot from his sweeping hands!  I rolled away from the immediate danger and hit the evil Mage with lightning bolts borne from fingertips. Derant screamed in pain and retaliated with pillars of earth, summoned from the ground below me. I was tossed off my feet and hit the ground hard! Okay I admit it Earth isn’t my specialty, but lightning is, and it seemed it was Derant’s weakness. With that thought in mind I punched my fists into my air; releasing two large balls of lightning. Derant didn’t have time to react, he was hit hard and fell right outta the sky. I stood over him, he seemed okay, a little singed but okay.  Which was good because it meant more money for me. He stirred from his electrified stupor and looked up at me. “Who Are you?!” he asked. I stared down at him “my name is Mason Triner and you’re under arrest.”

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