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Synopsis of my inspirational romance entitled, "Journey To Forgiveness."
Synopsis to Journey To Forgiveness
Release date in e-book format: November 14, 2008.
Release date, print: approximately May 15, 2009.
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press.

In 1938, rural the South is still reaping the aftermath of The Great Depression. The Hinson Family is struck hard since the abusive father deserts, taking the eldest son with him. Now Jenny and her mother must shoulder the responsibility of running a 50-acre farm; her siblings are too young for the heavier chores. The cotton crop fails, leaving Jenny with one option; the offer from an aunt in Chicago, to move north and seek employment, to support her family. Aunt Violet opens her heart and home to the spirited young woman.

During the journey, Jenny clashes with the quick-witted, but dubious, Austin Grant over a luggage mix-up. She labels him as a thief when she catches him running away with her vanity case. Jenny relates the incident to her aunt to discover that Austin is also a fellow congregate at New Faith Church. When he takes the pulpit to bilk money from the congregation, supposedly to aid tornado victims of South Pekin, Jenny is outraged! The man is not only a thief, but also an extortionist.

When Reverend Pearce asks for volunteers for a trip to South Pekin, Jenny signs up with an ulterior motive. To snare Austin Grant in his own trap. The impetuous Jenny and the jocular Austin clash in embarrassing, but humorous situations during their twelve-day tour in South Pekin.

Jenny knows she is in love with Austin when she spies him pocketing a large roll of bills from the mission strong box, and doesn't have the heart to report the missing cash.

Nightmares from past abuse lash out, until Jenny realizes there is only one way out of her emotional trauma. Forgivenness. After intense prayer and through Austin's urging, she is confronted with a decision. His advice is to reconcile with her father. But who is he to advise her? Does her father even deserve forgiveness? Is it feasible? And with no clue to his whereabouts, doesn't that let Jenny off the hook?

With Jenny's admission of her attraction to Austin, comes the revelation of deep-seated anger toward the male gender. It sparks when Austin's sudden, unexpected touch triggers a flashback from her childhood abuse. Can she trust Austin or any other man with her heart? Besides, he is a thief--isn't he? So why does this handsome rogue mesmerize her?

In a twist of fate, Jenny comes face-to-face with her older brother, who begs her to visit their terminally ill father. Jenny is faced with a tough decision. Should she reconcile with the father who abused her, or continue on a path of self destruction?

Is it possible for this headstrong young woman to relinquish anger and resentment? Will she allow God to heal her wounded heart? The wrong choice will cost her a future with the man she loves. Can Jenny release the seeds of bitterness and open her heart to receive the freedom to love--available only through forgiveness?

Find out when you read, "Journey To Forgiveness," by Laurean Brooks.

Check it out at www.thewildrosepress.com. To order an e-book (release date November 14, 2008), click on the "Coming Soon" button and then click on "Inspirational". But if you prefer to preserve this humorous, romantic, and exciting, 340-page book, just wait until May 15, 2009 (estimated release date in print), to physically hold the answers to all the above questions and more!

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