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Wash your hands after you read this...

It’s an uphill slope
Tread lightly and you’ll slip and you’ll choke
On the ashes of your ideals
My bloody dagger is the type that heals
And he who feels
Shunned by the flock
Is likely to be the first one to mock
The hypocrites and bastards and liars
Enough gasoline can extinguish your fires
Savor the flavor of the accelerant
Alkaloid candy brought in by the government
But your nose is still bleeding
And the vultures love feeding
The boost that I needed
A warning unheeded
Yeah your face is bloody
And those waters look muddy
But you can still see
The reflection of me
In the tide that is turning
As Sodom is burning
There is no escaping
The clawing and raping
Inevitably done
To the unfortunate one
Who didn’t know when to run
The sky it is falling
The lechers are crawling
The maggots are feeding
The ignorance breeding
It’s perpetuating
And hope it is fading
It soon will be time
To put an end to your waiting
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