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Once so long ago did the sound of rejoicing for peace become the heart beat from which my soul would sing to, now as the dark of night encloses and the loss of life begins to fill the long void of what is now this life.

To hold on now to is to only survive.

A story book love crumbles to set in real time, I have only just to understand the falling.

Over thrown by the shadows of a past that doesn’t know how end, drowned in a real fear, swimming on the shores of in which rapture of hate.

Lying in the sands of time, What is and what is to become only in the fate of the gods.

I let you in, the hurt of the past killed us, and the lost of the present will haunt me until the tears of time are over thrown by the gracefulness of the goddess.

Dark skies will remain my judge, the rains of the west have become my friends.

Dawning of healing is so far without of my reach, I know you are there I know what is will not be what will be.
My execution lies within my own heart, my own fate rests within myself, to rise up from the grounds in which I’ve been buried in for what is lost time.

The earth moves to restore me but can that be enough?

Breathing, comes with a solid price these days, life comes with even higher price to pay knowing and feeling the hurt and loss and that of pain in which has engulfed you since what has felt like my death.

I bleed for the healing phase to lessen the road in which you walk.

Dreams pass like the clouds go by the night now is what hold me abound to the earth fore livening among the light hurts and returns hurt a thousand time s over.

Wounds of the present as timeless as what was once held near and dear, yet so lost as the future and without tales to understand what is the way of truth.

Tell me what of us? let the stories of old ring true but only in ways of those who choose to belive,nothing more nothing less.

Wheels turn and seasons change but the way the heart longs to have love and
understanding is just a tale wrapped in the light.

Tis old heart will never know the safety of love and trust, love once found me but life seemed to get in the way of letting me know love.
Castles in the sky.
queen that once ruled there is no more but the hope to one day rule again will rise again with the flow of the ocean and the returning of the tide.

Mortals once knew the meaning of trust then that disappeared in the mists of doubt and lust.

To love once is to know the equal of hate.

Tears are the last drops to realize that once was love is only to catch a dream.
When one hears the foal sound of thunder one doesn’t forget that hate is as dark as the clouds from the storm.

King of darkness and death come to take me far to the underworld, let me fall in your dark arms of death, let me rejoice in how the pain in which I’ve caused to you, let my blood ran cold before the next mooring light falls hitting my pale, pale skin.

Hence turning me to dark for ever to remain, as your underworld queen.
My life has become what shant never should have been allowed to come to pass.

If and when I return to this life once more let it be for you and for that of light
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