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The winds carried me forth as the day unwinds. Morrow brings a new faith, while yesterday is a lesson learned. Time is the keeper of life while the soul remembers that of ages ago. Heart is the memories being that essence to love.
A long time back when love was only in told and spoke of in legends and in myth.
I knew what it was that I sought after and until the dream of you was that of a reality.
Haunted of the past holding on the present, seeking that of our future.
Knowing what lies in the past is dead knowing what lies in our present is more alive, knowing that in which the future holds for us that more giving of life and the essence of breathing.
Teaching and that of understanding is just the newness
of us, the ways of the goddess and god behold us.
We among you do your will and learn your ways.
Thyme of us in the future when things are much clearer and when people have more englightment of the ways in which our yours.
Rains whispering in my ears holding me close, thunder rolls over my heart lighting crushes that of life.
Dawning of new day, reinforced light and faith fall place in my heart and on to my mind. Fleshed peaks across my skin, I know that the will of the goddess is done.
Fore I know that what lies between our hearts and souls is that of reality.
Looking forward life and that of heart is the best it’s ever known to be, holding your hand along the way makes breathing
and understanding.
As we travel and as our souls become closer and closer we realize just how much we are meant for each other.
The goddess has made no mistake with us- she’s given us what is and what is to be.
Life held no meaning until our minds and hearts were joined once more.
Dew drops from the last rain fall spills forth unto the light, that light is our path and that path is of life and of love and that of happiness.
Fore ever shall we remain in your debt for the love we’ve found within each other is of the heart and joined within the soul now and always from time to thyme.
Jewels of the sun shines from our souls, tears of the moon forming as our flesh becomes one, heart of the sea spring forth a new chapter in which our love grows.
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