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Character sketch of the main character of my story.
Name:Jovan/"Giovani"(false name) Flame
Physical Attributes
Hair (Color, length)Brown short/Variable
Build:Athletic/More Athletic
Birthmarks, scars, or other unique identifiers:None/Not known
Clothing/Accessories: Very Formal mostly brown coats and dark goggles fancy watch/Not known
Mannerisms/Quirks/Behaviors/Attitudes:A very keen observer,silent and reserved,challenge loving,sporty/Brainy ,extrovert and secretive.
Occupation :Security organizer for big functions,valuables or displays/Thief and security breacher
Background : Father and mother went away leaving him alone maybe,doesn't like to think about his past/unknown
Education:Not known as he was given a job on account of his brain and skills not qualifications/no idea
Hobbies:Basketball only as he hardly has any free time/Street magic and Parkour.

Note:They are actually 2 characters whose data have been seperated by a "/". The first one is the main character and he thinks the second one is his split personality whereas he actually is his identical twin.
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