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A plain letter from a werewolf to his equally dangerous brother,
The dark figure walked calmly through the small wooden cottage. Its expressions were pretty difficult to read. The thing seemed deep in thought. Finally its dark eyes came on a piece of medival parchment. It began to coolly read the letter which was, shockingly, addressed to it:

Dear Twin bro,
So you finally did manage to kill me. Nevermind one of us had to die and I always hoped may the better one win. I hope my demise won't spoil our relationships. Ever since you were killed by the vampire I always was scared of you but that camp summer when the werewolf (bless him) bit me I couldn't stop giggling seeing your reaction towards me change drastically.

23 years later when you returned from Pensylvania I could only marvel at how you managed to survive the most sorted vampire hunters of the planet. Meanwhile I myself was busy with the European forests and all that. Now the time had come for the final showdown but I still couldn't gather courage to face you. The aura which surrounded you was nearly impossible to breach and the condition of Mary's body had me shivering for months.

But as you said the society was big enough to handle only one of us so here I am lying peacefullly in my grave. You were a pretty smart fighter but you must say that I was no worse. Thrice I struck you with the cross and garlic and thrice you flew away like a bat. My solar eclipse trick was also pretty cool. You ran like a kid once you saw the moon shifting.

My final fight with you is too memorable for me to forget even though I lost. In case you are wondering how did I manage to write about it despite my death then hold on.

My attack had been along with three others members of my pack who were unfortunate enough to wander at night in the forest. They were of little help but the last one did manage to steal and hide the silver sword you carried as your main weapon. Then I attacked single handedly and managed to bruise you badly (I even thought that you were dead but you were always very stubborn.). The fight shifted to your house and your chances of winning seemed bleak. Finally came my downfall thanks to a gift that I should never have gifted you. What a fool I was to give you a silver crockery set. Devil knows how did you manage to insert that fork in my intestines just when I was going to finish you off.

I see that your love for me hasn"t ceased otherwise you wouldn't have found this letter in my private stash. I was well prepared for my death, you see, for I had full trust in your abilities..........................as well as your limitations.

I knew you would never make an effort to use or look at that "silver" crockery set that I had painstakingly gifted you so that I may be able to see this day. Had you been able to return to your home and see the set then you'll notice "stainless steel" written on them. Surprised?

Well here is another surprise(though not a pleasant one for you):
In case you are wondering what is that hot horrible breath behind your back then I am happy to inform you that it is ME (after eating 2 kilograms of garlic and a wooden cross in my hand).

I know very well that you will never reach this part of the letter but still it is always good manners to bid a formal good bye. Let us see what form you'll take in your next life--maybe a ghost or a zombie. Till then I will always remain

Faithfully Yours,
Growl (aka werewolf)

Note: I am waiting for a reply.................................................................. in case you do survive.
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