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What happened to the simple times in our lives when life seemed less complicated.
You know? As I sit here at my desk working on my laptop with DSL connection and my cell phone standing close by I wonder just what happed to the simpler times in life. I am just as guilty of abandoning the face to face meetings, personal phone calls in leiu of the e mail, text message or voice mail. Life has now become an whirlwind of schedules, meetings and dinners or bar b ques that are planned weeks in advance instead of the impromtu get togethers that once was.
What did we do before the digital age? There is a difference in easier and simpler. But at what cost? Our relationships, jobs and personal lives suffer and we dont even realize it. A date was impromtu and not a long drawn out process over an internet dating service. Now....that's not to say it was easier. You actually had to have the nerve to ask them out and sometimes that just never happened. It takes less nerve via e mail. But that was part of life. What happened to the simpler times when there was no major planning for the weekend. Everyone just knew where to be. Maybe it was the softball games or dinner and party where you could truely enjoy your friends company without really worrying about Monday morning. What the heck happened to MTV? You could literally spend the entire weekend watching music video's of your favorite and some real crappy bands. Now days turn on MTV and videos are the exception. What happened to having meetings and training with people actually sitting next to you? Maybe all week you had looked forward to actually sitting next to someone who definately looked better than a drill instructor could actually smile at you and make you laugh and look forward to these mundane meetings. Now we have teleconferences and on line training. Where is the interaction? While techology has made life easier and in some instances saved money, we lose a bit of ourselves in the process. If I were a CEO I would limit such things as much as possible. The first thing that I would do would be to can the computerized voice answering system that says..."say or press your name".
Bring back at least some of the personal touch into our daily lifes. Sometimes I would just rather have simpler than easier.
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