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by Jeff
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What would you do to feel like you belong?
"Come on," he prodded. "It'll be okay."

His hand moved further up her thigh.

"It's the most incredible thing you'll ever feel."

Natalie felt her resistance waning as Josh pressed forward. He was so handsome... and the way he touched her; the way he whispered in her ear... it made her feel special. No one had ever made her feel special before. And even though she wasn't sure about doing this, Josh's seductive charisma and those feelings of acceptance are what pushed her to ultimately agree.

"Okay," Natalie said. "I'll do it."

A smile crept across Josh's lips, as he moved to kiss her. He kissed his way along her jaw and down her neck, while simultaneously moving his hand against her crotch, rubbing her through her clothes. Natalie moaned as pleasure jolted through her body, awakening a burning need that she'd never felt before.

"Please," she whimpered. "Let's just do it now."

Natalie writhed and squirmed against his hand, getting more desperate by the minute. She started to remove her shirt, but he pulled away from her and started the car instead.

"Your first time has to be special," he explained. "I promise it'll be worth the wait."


Twenty minutes later, they pulled off the highway and turned onto a dirt road. Just when Natalie thought they couldn't get any farther out into the middle of nowhere, a farmhouse loomed ahead.

Josh parked the car and took her hand as they walked into the house. Natalie gasped when she saw hundreds, maybe thousands of candles, around the house. Rose petals littered the floor, and formed a path that went upstairs.

"Why don't you go upstairs?" Josh prompted. "I'll be right behind you."

She followed the rose petals into the master bedroom. Natalie was too wrapped up in the lavish decorations to notice Josh approach silently from behind her. Before she could react, he grabbed her from behind and clamped a dirty rag over her nose and mouth. The rag muffled her screams as she vainly struggled to break free, consciousness slipping further away every passing second.

Inside the barn, she awoke with a shiver. As the fog cleared from her mind, Natalie suddenly realized why she was so cold. She had been stripped down to her bra and panties. Trying to move around, Natalie also found that she had been tied up. A cold steel collar encircled her throat, which had been chained to the wall of one of the livestock stalls. Shackles also bound her wrists and ankles, with equally heavy chains securing her limbs to anchors as well.

Natalie knew it was futile, but struggled against the chains in vain hope that it might somehow get her out of her current predicament.

As she struggled, Josh moved into the stall, kneeling down in front of her.

"Josh? What's going on?"

"I promised that your first time would be special," he replied simply. "So here we are."

"What about the farmhouse? The romance?"

"There's nothing romantic about your first time, Natalie. That was just a distraction."

The chains rattled as Natalie fought against them.

"They're ready for you," Josh said.


He moved over to her and unfastened the chains from the wall. She immediately pushed him away and tried to run, but he gripped the chains firmly and tugged, causing her to choke on the unyielding collar around her throat. Without so much as another word, he dragged her roughly toward the main area of the barn. He left her with no way of standing up or gaining any kind of balance, and she was forced to crawl alongside her as he moved to the center of the barn.

Josh unceremoniously dragged her to a stone slab in the middle of the room, and hoisted her up onto it. She did her best to fight against him, but he was incredibly strong, and before she knew it, found herself being chained to the slab.

Looking around the room, Natalie saw a dozen other men and women, hovering nearby and watching her with interest.

Her attention went back to Josh when he grabbed her bra and ripped it away from her body, exposing her heaving breasts to the cold night air.

"No... please..." she begged. "Not like this."

Her appeal fell on deaf ears as he tore away her underwear, leaving her naked and chained to the slab. Then she saw Josh smile... two long fangs where his canine teeth usually were. She looked from one face to another... everyone in the room had the same fangs bared.

Then they were upon her.

Natalie screamed as they clawed at her body, each one desperate to sink their teeth into her. She felt them bite into her, fangs sinking into her neck. Her sides. Her thighs. Her breasts. Blood stained her fair skin as they mercilessly tore into her young flesh.

As they fed on her, Natalie could feel her life ebbing away. And yet, even as she knew she was dying, pleasure coursed through her body. She writhed and thrashed on the slab, quivering on the verge of ecstasy as she felt herself slipping further and further away. With a final cry of rapture, she died as they continued to feast on her.


With a sharp, ragged gasp, Natalie suddenly came to, her back arching on the slab as her lungs sucked in the cool air. Her chains had been removed, and she quickly inspected her still naked body. It didn't have a single mark on it.

Josh stood off to the side, smiling at her from the front of the group.

"That was incredible," Natalie said breathlessly.

"I told you it would be." Josh replied, moving over to her.

Natalie reached for the clothing he offered her. She felt better than she ever had in her life. Stronger, faster... and more importantly, like she belonged.

"How do you feel?" He asked her.

She grinned at him, flashing her fangs.


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