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by Ned
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Story without using the letter H. New, could not again find the contest.
I flew an unmentionable airline from Los Angeles to your states largest island city. It was a long but fun ride. Your group of islands is one state I really wanted to visit; as even you are my patriotic bro's. You welcomed me placing a nice ring around my neck as I visited, and a greeting of a single word now voodoo in my free talk country; at least during a current writing moment.
Your island paradise of many vistas allowed me to relax and warm my soul in sunny rays on land, and sea. During past times you've experienced a major eruption; your people and land seem recovered. It demonstrates your people's fortitude.
I ate pineapple, foods I was not familiar too, and also fast foods, Arby's, Burger King, some I can't mention for fear of censoring, McDonalds, Wendy's, and few less known.
Many of your people are different, your dialect different, but as citizens of a great land, we communicated. Our mainlanders on your land years ago, but now we are one, time mends all wounds. Your different islands are a joy to visit, some more so.
I welcomed my summer break it allowed me to forget George W. and Dick, messy mortgages, finances, oil, and Dolly. I slowed down, instead of slowing up, and it was a relief. Iraq, Iran, Israel, a blur during my rest.
Unfair imprisonment, beating up of 16 year old over a five year period; reminded me of earlier wars and George 1 days as Saddam allowed our pilots to confess only 3 days after our jets were downed. Our freedom of speaking I assume. We'll prove to all we are a great nation, our freedom of speaking demands it. Your paradise island gave me peace from abusive concerns.
I needed a break from bustling concerns of national importance, our American Idols; allowing me to find spiritual peace on your lovely islands.
Current censoring forces me to vote for Barack Obama, and not a Republican I can't mention, a Keating Five scoundrel, lest we forget. Censoring too may be for people not just government it seems.
I bid farewell to your jewel of an island and returned on an airline to find Los Angeles on less solid footing, but still available. My U.K. cockney friend said upon my return,
"Bloody ell, on oliday was you, we ad a real trembling we did since you left. Me wife and I left wif our kids, and was going to join you in ………….ere, wot was your vacation spot?" "New York City" I replied.
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