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This is from an incident that occured in our office. This is for the true Java lovers.
To whom it may concern,

In recent days I, Chris Depew, have been a witness to a great travesty. Here at JIT working late, as the accounting department often does, I found myself in need of some good java. Being the great company that it is they provide this black gold for its employees in the form of little square packages. So, into the upstairs “break area” I go to brew up some magic when I open the drawer to find no little square packages in front of me. At first I was a little mad that whoever had made the last pot did not go and get a new box and bring it upstairs. Then I realized that was me. I rarely get mad at myself so, I just went downstairs to fetch a box. As I am strolling down the stairs I think of the warmth and comfort that I will soon be privy too and find a little joy. However it is short lived when into the downstairs “break area” I go and see one box of my little dry awake juice. ONE BOX!!! How could this be? What will we do? The panic sets in. I think, is there a coffee shortage? No, there is no coffee shortage. The shortage seems to end as soon as you walk out of JIT’s front doors. After all, everyone knows that one box of coffee is only going to last two maybe three days. It will take that long if not longer to order more. There has to be some action taken. So, after bringing most of the one box of coffee upstairs and brewing a pot, I sat down with coffee in hand to type this email. Now, I know that coffee maybe on the not-so-important list for some people, however there are many here that really need that dirty water. So please I beg of someone, can we make sure that we always have enough coffee here so that we don’t come to an instance where we are completely out? Please?

Chris Depew
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