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Four girls meet before school and decide to cut class.
Cindy:      I need a cigarette.
Ruth:        Here.
Rita:        Oh God, me too.
Cindy:          What do you have?
Rita:          Spanish.
Ruth:          Study Hall.
Cindy:          I have history.
Ruth:          I need coffee.
Cindy:          Me too.
Rita:          I hate Spanish. Especially first thing in the morning.
Cindy:          So let’s go.
Ruth:          Yeah.
Rita:          Let’s wait for Nina.
Cindy:          Don’t you guys ride together?
Rita:          When I see her. She must be late today. She gets on before me.
Ruth:          So you think she’s coming?
Rita:          Probably.
Cindy:          What happened? You look…
Rita:          I’m okay.
Cindy:          I know, but you look…
Rita:          It’s just my house. You know.
Ruth:          What about it?
Rita:          You know, my father. He drives me crazy.
Cindy:          So what happened?
Rita:          Well, it started a couple of days ago. I was late from school, so I went up to my room and put my books down and came right downstairs. And he hit me.
Cindy:          He hit you? Your father?
Rita:          Yeah. He slapped me right across the face. Hard.
Ruth:          I can’t believe your house.
Rita:          So I said, “What was that for?”
Cindy:          What did he say?
Rita:          He said “That was for not saying hello when you came in.” So then yesterday, when I got home, I walked in and said really loud, “Hello Daddy.” and then I went upstairs and put my books in my room, and when I came downstairs again, he hit me.
Cindy:          What?
Ruth:          I can’t believe your house. I have said this before…
Cindy:          But why did he hit you again?
Rita:          That’s what I said, “Why did you hit me?” And he said it was because he didn’t like my tone of voice when I said it.
Cindy:          You’re kidding! He really said that?
Ruth:          I couldn’t live in your house.
Cindy:          That’s horrible.
Ruth:          Your family is crazy.
Rita:          I know.
Cindy:          Really.
Rita:          I know.
Ruth:          I don’t think you realize how crazy that is.
Cindy:          Don’t be mean, Ruth.
Ruth:          I’m not. I just don’t think she does.
Cindy:          Just don’t. It’s not her fault.
Ruth:          I know, but it’s just so…
Cindy:          I know, but don’t.
Ruth:          Okay, okay.
Rita:          I hate going home.
Cindy:          Look here comes Nina.
Nina:          Hey. What’s goin’ on? Uh-oh, what happened? Okay, somebody tell me what happened.
Cindy:          It’s just her father again.
Nina:          Oh that. Yeah, I know. It sucks at her house.
Cindy:          He hit her again.
Nina:          That son-of-a-bitch. Somebody ought to hit him.
Ruth:          It’s too weird.
Nina:          Okay, now don’t start that.
Ruth:          Alright, alright. I’m just saying…
Nina:          Yeah, we know. So what are we doin’?
Cindy:          Cutting. What do you have?
Nina:          Home Ec. I’ll make you coffee. Come on.
Cindy:          Very funny. Are you coming with us?
Nina.          No. I’m going to class. We’re making muffins this morning. I’ll bring you some.
Cindy:          Deal. See you later.
Ruth:          So we’re going?
Rita:          Yeah, we’re going.
Cindy:          Okay, let’s go.
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