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The acclaimed author and playwright coins a new term perfect for the upcoming Oscar race!
Although it is not rare that I should step into the public eye, today I'm taking one of many bold new steps forward -- so take note, as this one appears first among many.  I am taking my place beside Ben Franklin and Stephen Colbert and other great Americans and coining a phrase -- step back and prepare, as your life is about to change.
P'OSCAR -- new slang for posthumous Oscar award, such as was given to Peter Finch for NETWORK.  Current usage:  "Do you think Heath Ledger will win the P'OSCAR this year for THE DARK KNIGHT?"  There -- I've coined it, the P'Oscar.  And as we all know, copyright law states that as soon as something is fixed in a tangible form, such as a publication, it is copyrighted by virtue of its creation.  To my knowledge and to the best of my research, this word has never appeared before ever.
So, do YOU think Heath Ledger will win the P'Oscar? 
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