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Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · Emotional · #1465888
A prayer to God about the lost love of a son, and a rebuke to the enemy.
Verse 1

Dear God, I hope that You're not busy tonight,
And take a dark situation and turn it into light.
I've got a son I've been missing for a number of years,
And for many of these days I've been shedding some tears.
His Mom doesn't see that it's not my choice,
That prosecutors are close-minded, won't hear my voice.
I want to come back to Missouri, so they're not feeling more pain,
But probation stopped my move to their local domain.
So I tried communication and she just sighed and ignored.
Whenever I would call she'd lay the phone on the floor.
I wish she'd see the pure sincerity that comes from my heart,
And not let lies of another to tear us apart.
So, God please show her that I'm trying my best,
And my parental dedication always will pass the test.
Without You in my life emotions are numb.
Please thaw out this frozen heart with warmth,
Warmth from a Son


I wish that I could see You.
I wish that I could feel You.
I wish that I could hear You, To know what time has brung.
You know my heart is frosty,
Because revenge is costly,
So please, Dear God, defrost me, with the warmth from a son

Verse 2

I feel so alone in the stone cold world.
I don't care about the cars and the diamonds and pearls.
I just want to be a father to my kids in my life,
But it seems to these powers I don't have any rights.
So you (the powers) want me to be quiet and never be heard,
Say I don't respect the system cause I flipped you the bird,
But isn't Daddy's very presence the best interest of the child,
But You ignore this valid point and shove it off as it is mild.
So You wonder why I'm angry and there's times that I fight.
Is that my argument is clear and your system's not right.
So I should be role abiding and should follow your laws,
But since I'm not a rich father, you strip my rights without cause.
You can imprison my body, but not capture my son,
Cause it's surrounded by thick ice and it's subzero cold,
Please, God thaw out this frozen heart, with warmth from a son.

Verse 3

It's fifteen thousand and a ticket to ride.
Got a lot of pinned up anger that has built up inside,
Always getting into arguments cause there's no one to trust.
I must win at all cost or I either go bust.
See I never told a soul, so to some I was strange,
And those who barely knew me would call me deranged.
Lost a love that I had cause her friend I didn't like.
Cause this was causing so much pain, so my mind wasn't right.
So I walked the streets alone, depressed and so sad,
That I was missing out on a love that I never did have.
My emotions were unstable, any moment I'd cry,
And sometimes when I was alone, I wished I would die.
So, please God, hear me out, cause I'm needing Your help,
Cause this pain is just too great for me to bear by myself,
With no guidance in my life, my emotions are numb,
Please thaw out this frozen heart,
With the warmth from a son.

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