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A discussion between an Angel and a Daemon, pure dialogue inspired from The Dialogue 500
"Halt. State your name and reason for being."

"Mammon, daemon of chaos. Howya doing, Gabriel?"

"Silence, evil filth! You will speak when spoken to!"

"Aw, are you still mad I stood you up that one time? Look, Lucifer had just started his war, and I got caught up in the excitement..."

"Nevermind. What is your business on the Ether? And what is that?"

"Oh, this? Its a pitchfork - apparently humans think we all carry these around. Pretty funny, huh?"

"But what are you DOING with it?"

"I'm going to a Halloween party. You wanna go?"

"What? No! I...I am at my post, guarding the Earth from things like you."

"Oh, come on. When's that last time you had a vacation?"

"We don't take 'vacations'."

"Well, then its about time. I even got you a glittery halo."

"It's plastic!"

"So? It's shiny."

"...oh, alright."

"What in the seven hells did you two think you were doing?!"

"Sorry, God."

"Do you know how many sins were commited during your little joyride? Tell them, Luc!"

"Two hundred sixty eight."

"Two hundred sixty eight!! And don't even get me started with the FARM animals..."

"I hate you, Mammon."

"But you had fun, right?"

"That's not the point. She's pissed."

"I don't know, Lucifer looks pretty smug."

"So help me, Mammon, if you make this any worse..."

"You're pretty sexy when you're angry."




 Conversations In The Ether II  (13+)
A slightly more somber sequel to the first, entirely dialogue of musings.
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