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How low you can get.
Whilst I am laying in this room
Alone and on the bed
Have been asked to put, in words,
The feelings in my head.......

Here goes!!

I see a lot of faces
All judging what they see
Faces with no eyes
But they're still staring right at me.

For reasons we will never know
we are all given tests,
The trial is how we deal with them
To see who comes out best.

I'm finding being mum and dad
To the children in my life
More challenging than anything
Can't seem to get it right

Unfortunately, I'm sinking
Very, very fast
Memories spinning in my head
How long will all this last?

I try to drown or cut them out
How stupid could I be?
Thinking knives, pills or the booze
would ever set them free.

Have pushed everyone away,
The family who mean more,
They offered me their love and help
Which I chose to ignore.

Lots of thoughts to deal with
Most, nobody can see,
Please help!! Am asking nicely
Give my life right back to me........

Please help me to move forward
Please stop the fears of dread!!
Please tell the feelings in my mind
NOT to wish that I was dead...........

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