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Whose judgments truly reign? Yours or Gods?
Loving Differently…

The feelings found in people’s lives
That don’t seek husbands – don’t seek wives,
Are misconstrued by many means,
But why? We know it’s in their genes.
We tear asunder how they care
With guilt and shame… upon a prayer.

I cannot fathom what is gained;
There’s not too much left unexplained
About the how’s – about the whys,
About the fact some men like guys…
Yet most religions state it’s wrong
To be yourself – and still ‘belong’.

Our judgments come with highest cost;
We teach our kids they’re sick and lost.
We tell them God does not allow
Their souls to rise with broken vow.
The straight ones hate with ill-bred fear;
The gay ones try to persevere.

We lose so many of our kids;
Religious threats that dare forbid
Each person to just be themselves -
They’re forced to hide in hidden hells…
In saddest truth some end their days
Because they’re told they’ll not be praised.

How dare we act as though we’re God
And judge them on how ‘He’ll’ applaud
Unless they choose ‘our’ way of life –
As ‘pious’ husband – ‘devout’ wife.
‘Tis us that need forgiven sins;
‘Tis us that need to look within…

Our judgments made spread fear and hate;
We say that God loves only “straights”.
But then we say God loves us all!
So which is which?  Do you recall?
Oh how we fracture by our hands
The things we ‘think’ that He demands…

What He demands, we all affirm;
“Love Thy Fellow Man” confirms
That we abide His golden rule.
But aren’t our judgments rather cruel?
For we pick through our fellow man –
And choose the straight ones, if we can.

How sad to blame a person – scorned;
And shame them for the way they’re born.
I say again, we’re wrong to judge!
We have NO right to dare begrudge.
For only God creates our chart;
We ‘all’ come packaged from His heart…

God’s gifts abound to all alive;
He gave us minds and souls to thrive.
He gave us bodies drenched in light;
He gave us yearnings with delight.
We’re all created from above;
And theirs – is just a different love…

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