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The visionaries of our time.

  Life is fascinating. The instant you come into the world, you can see things you've never seen before, you can smell things you've never smelt before, you can hear sounds you've never heard before, and you can feel things you've never felt before. Some people wonder if they had thought that this was all they would see, and experience, or what they had felt, or wanted.

  As you get older, you gain more experiences, you have become more intelligent. You have gained more and more understanding of the world around you... Some more than others. Some experience more than others, some see more things than others. The less you experience, the more curiosity you have. A curiosity that can be so strong, that it drives you to see places, you've never seen and learn about the world... Question all that surrounds you. These humans are the scientists and historians of the world.

  These humans search for the answers to all of life's mysteries, when the simplest of questions can never be answered. They're now brought down by society and its citizens. They are known as dreamers. Believe it or not, long ago, these kinds of people were thought highly of... As visionaries.

  They have a tendency, not many people can ever accomplish.

                                        ~They never give up.~
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