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A tale about the scary world of getting picked up at a bar...
A Most Shattering Date...

I had a big date at eight thirty, that night,
I met him at Delia’s Fine Bar;
He was oh so handsome and seemed a delight,
(Although he did smoke a cigar).

He took me to dance at two elegant inns,
His manner and style were sheer grace;
We danced until three… now my nightmare begins,
For my body and soul were defaced…

He asked if I wanted to see his Rembrandt;
His mother would surely not mind;
He pleaded until I did finally consent.
(God forbid he should think me unkind)

We finally arrived at his mom’s huge estate,
I felt there was something amiss;
The facts that he’d told me did not correlate,
‘Twas something I could not dismiss…

He got us a drink from his mom’s fancy bar,
“So where is your mother?” asked I;
“She’s in by the desk in that dirty old jar,
Sometimes she can really be shy.”

My God! He is crazy!  I’ve got to get out!
What have I done coming here?
He saw I was startled then started to shout,
“Mom’s dead, she will not interfere.”

I raced for the door but I tripped and I fell –
Then looked up, he was right by my head;
“You’ve got an appointment, or so I hear tell,
With me as your guide to my bed!”

I was dazed as he pulled me along to his room,
I begged him to please let me go;
I felt a dull pain way down deep in by womb
As he ripped off my dress, all aglow.

His hands moved too quickly, I could not get loose,
Somehow he got out of his clothes;
It felt like his body was that of a noose –
Pulling tight, so I could not oppose.

He got a sick joy in my anguish and pain,
There was nothing to do but lay limp.
I was thoroughly exhausted and he was insane…
He insisted that he was my pimp.

He then fell asleep after hours of hell;
I sneaked out the door in a fright.
I just wanted out so that I could expel
The terror of what happened that night.

I finally reached home and took a hot shower
To wash all his foul filth away.
I stood and I steamed there for hour upon hour –
I felt I could not overstay.

Sleep soon did come; but I only could dream
Of the horrors inflicted on me.
As much as I tried I just could not redeem
My honor – it now is debris.

What am I going to tell the police?
I went there of my own free will;
The fact I’d just met him will only decrease
My chances… I’m feeling quite ill.

I won’t put myself through the torture and pain
Of having a full blown trial;
I don’t want to try to or have to explain
The things that he did – oh so vile!

I’ll just have to live my life from day to day
With hopes that in time I’ll forget.
It’s all I can do to just sit here and pray…
There’s someone who owes a big debt!

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