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The river, enlightenment, sainthood, monkdom . . . even you and me . . . we are all one.

The river runs through a monastic community,
alone in the valley of devotion and love.
Clouds sprinkle the sky-blue globe that
engulfs the gray-green earth.

Everything this beautiful pales
next to the love you have within, love
that you can send to your Self, love
energy from the river of life.

You are living your dreams
even as you complain,
you are being your Self
even as you act the part of another.

You are you, you are
the end and the beginning
of your world; you are the light
and the sun all at once.

All that is comes through you,
and the love that can’t help
but be there, shines
like a lamp through your empty mind.

The shining reveals nothing
like a skeleton within,
simply dreams and light,
the world and sun all as one.

The end and the beginning,
the empty mind and full heart,
all in one moment,
all in one glorious acknowledgement:
you are the river,
you are the sea,
you are you,
and you are me.

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