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by IdaLin
Rated: ASR · Fiction · Contest Entry · #1478825
A man sees an apparition, but a policeman is doubtful. For Dialogue 500.
Written for:
The Dialogue 500  (18+)
Dialogues of 500 words or less.
#941862 by W.D.Wilcox

500 words

So you ran your car into a tree because a horse was crossing the bridge? You know, that happens, horses crossing bridges, what with the stables and all around here. They have horses in the city, right? A horse isn't something to run off the road for.

Yes, I've seen horses, but I told you, it was a man on a horse with no head. It was kind of a shock, you know.

The horse had no head? Hm, have to put that in the report. Headless horse... hard for them to be up and about, no? Headless horses? Have you been drinking, sir?

No! The man had no head. And no, officer, I haven't been drinking,

That's better then...So, if he had no head, how was he riding, actually? That'd be difficult, I'd say.

I don't know! Side-saddle. I'm just telling you what I saw.

Mmm... How did you know it was a man if the rider was headless? Can you describe this man in more detail?

Well, it looked like a man... who the heck knows. It was a big guy, er, person, and I don't know, with a long black coat on, and uh, carrying a pumpkin. And I heard something, too.

You heard something from a headless man? This ought to be good.

You think I'm making this up--that I'm crazy, or something.

Well, it is hard to believe. You saw a headless horseman and it said something? Sleepy Hollow doesn't get a lot of talking headless horsemen these days. Ha-ha. Look, it's not close enough to Halloween for this, and I don't have time for foolishness. We'll have to go to the station and...

No, wait, I didn't say it said something, I said I heard something. I'm really not drunk, Officer.

Look, kids dress up and play pranks, I'm sure that's all you saw, you know the stories about this place. Anyway, what did you hear?

Well, I thought I heard a voice saying, "Tell Ichabod... I'm coming for my head!" Then I called 911.

The headless horseman said, "Ichabod"?

Yes, Officer Crane.

You're sure that's what it said?

Pretty sure.

Well, I have all I need, you can go. Call a tow truck.

Officer, wait.

No, I have to go...Now.

Can I ride back with you? It's late, and really dark, and...

Oh... Yeah, I guess. But quickly!

Um, wait, Officer? ...he, it...uh, it's back...and behind you...


Oh, no. Look! It has a scythe...

Oh, noo!

Ichabod Crane the Fifth! Where is my head?

Darn it, Grandma, I said I'd bring your cabbage after my shift--which ended two hours ago if you hadn't been riding around scaring folk!

Oh, sorry. You'll come for supper and pumpkin pie tomorrow, then?

Yes, Grandma, and incidentally?


The headless horseman doesn't carry a scythe. Death does.

Oh, how silly of me, you’re right. I'll be running along now. Goodnight.

Goodnight, Grandma... Sir? Sir, are you okay? Sir? Dang, he's fainted.

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