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by RubyB
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A male vampire wakes his lover for a bit of fun.
Gerald Wakes His Boy

I can't stop looking at him. He's so damn sexy when he's sleeping. His naked body is displayed wantonly on the silk sheets of our large bed. My boy is tall. At just over six-foot two inches, he's the right height for nuzzling. His shoulder length blond hair is covering half his face and I'm tempted to reach out and push it behind his ear. I won't though. I'm enjoying this game of peek-a-boo that he doesn't even know he's playing. In a moment, I'll touch him where I want and he'll open those blue eyes for me. Eyes that are as deep a blue as the ocean and wiser than an owl's.

My boy, forever frozen in time at 25, has taught me many things. I taught him about pleasure and he taught me to enjoy his gift of submission. A gift I took for granted far too long. A gift I can't return and wouldn't want to. I've given myself to him in kind. Just thinking about the pleasure we shared before we last parted is making my cock throb.

I'm beginning to hate business trips. Actually, any trip where I have to leave him at home. But my boy is far too good looking to take to some of my meetings with the demon clans. I don't and won't share him. He walks into a room and both sexes know he's something special. He's a very pretty boy. His androgynous face reminds me of the angels, yet his body is all man. It's hard where it should be hard with soft skin over firm muscles. He's lean and well built from years of carpentry, weight lifting and outdoor sports. And he's mine.

"Jesse," I let the sound of my voice caress his tan skin. He was swimming in the ocean today. I can smell the sunlight on his skin, in his hair, and almost taste the salt on his freshly cleaned body. If I lean a little closer, my lips will touch his and I'll surely wake him.

"Why not?" I ask aloud. "I want you now."

"Gerald?" His deep voice is husky and the scent of his arousal has filled the room. He knows what I'm thinking. I can see it in his furrowed brow. Oh, he's still sleeping, but his full lips have pouted. He's just on the edge of waking, fighting to stay asleep or maybe fighting to wake.

His erection is poking into the sheet that covers the lower half of his body. Only an arm and his smooth chest are visible, for now. Very slowly, I pull the sheet away to reveal the fine line of hair from his belly down to a nest of blond curls. My hand circles the silk before it can slip off his rampant cock and he sighs.

"Gerald." It was a whisper of a statement, filled with relief. His blue eyes open and the smile I've been missing suddenly appears. His hand covers mine and he raises his hips in offering. Two days apart and we're both hungrier for each other than anyone can imagine. "Please…"

"Please what?" I'm grinning like I feel; wolf-like, feral, and dominant. I want him to beg and I want to savor him.

"Please don't stop touching me. Please take off your clothes. Please love me…"

I silence him with a kiss. I'm doing my best to savor him, to be soft and gentle and he's having none of it. Damn. I should have restrained him. His tongue is pressing hard, licking my lips, begging for entrance. One hand is buried in my hair and the other is now struggling with the buttons of my shirt. He's like a wild animal and I find myself alongside of him. I don't quite remember when he removed my shirt or pants. I'm not even sure when he pulled my arms over my head. His naked body is glistening, rubbing against mine. Hard punishing kisses have made my lips swollen and I'm loving every moment.

"Please…please…let me…please…" His excited stream of pleading is making me forget my plans. I was going to tie him down, slowly torture him and now he's asking for something. I can't even read his mind, because he's jumbled thoughts aren't coming clear enough for me to decipher.

"Yes, Jesse," I nuzzle his neck and he stiffens afraid he didn't hear me. "Do what you want."

I can feel him fumbling, reaching under his pillow for something. He released my wrists and I take advantage of it. Licking the palm of my right hand, I reach down and slowly stroke his thick shaft.

"Oh, yes, please…" he's squirming again, his heart pounding.

My fangs have extended and if I don't control myself I'll regret it. The smell of his blood is not to be ignored. Fuck it. Just a little taste will satisfy me. We both need this. My fangs pierce the skin on his neck and he's cradling my head, holding me to him. I stroke his thick shaft in time with my swallows. Up, down, harder, faster. His hips are pounding up and down pressing himself into my hand. Up, down, I squeeze a little tighter and stroke him harder. He's falling over the edge and I taste his climax as it spikes his blood. The mewling noises coming from him are my reward. That and the feel of his warm seed spilling onto my belly.

I pull away to watch him recover. He's panting, flushed, and so fucking sexy like this. The mischievous smile on his face lets me know he wants more. He raises his hand and shows me the leather strip he'd hidden. Ah, great minds think alike. I hold out my hands in offering and he quickly ties them over my head. We both know that I can easily escape, but that's the point. If I don't, I'm freely giving myself to him. The look of pleasure on his face is worth the sacrifice. His lips on my cock can only make it better.

"My turn," he whispers in my ear. As if reading my mind, his lips and tongue wander lower and lower and then my cock is surrounded by his warm mouth. Now this is heaven.

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Gerald and Jesse are from The Vampire's Pet Series.  To find out more about the characteristics of the vampires in my stories, you can read "The Legend of Lyssa". It tells the legend behind the creation of this family of vampires.
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