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by Eva G
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Toni, a girl who may not know what she's doing, is doing what she knows.
I very slowly take in the smoke of my cigarette, watching Sophie and Brian sharing their haughty kisses as we sit in the bar, waiting for our next round. They've been at it all night, and I've been getting tired of watching the two going at each other as if no body else existed. I blow the smoke towards them, but they are totally oblivious to it as they continue to gnaw at each others lips like two hungry carnivorous dogs.

I'm just about to say something as the waiter brings our shots over, setting them down nearly on the edge of the table. I can't help but notice out of the corner of my eye that she's staring at me, probably thinking 'What is she doing here with these two, just tagging along like some piece of shit that hasn't anything better to do than to watch them go at each other.' That's more what I'm thinking, though. She's just probably wanting a drag of my cig, so I offer it.

"Oh god, thanks hun," she says, taking it between her two fingers, "I've been dying for a smoke, but I don't have enough money to buy some." She barely touches the thing to her lips before she starts to inhale, almost like the two "love birds" are trying to do to each others faces. I can't stand watching it anymore so I look at her, just as some ashes fall on her shirt.

"Shouldn't you be getting back to your job? Don't want to get fired over a drag now, do you?" I mention, staring at the gray against her perfectly white tee shirt. She gives me back my cigarette and I smile, "Thanks again, sweetheart." She doesn't even bother to try to get the ashes off, and she walks away.

I take a drag before grabbing my shot and downing it real quick then go back to looking at Sophie and her bitch. I can just feel the hatred for him rushing through my veins as I mindlessly start to flick my cig, pointlessly trying to knock ashes off that aren't even there anymore. I bit my lip, but I know I can't hold back so I just stand up.

"You know what? If you two are going to just sit there trying to figure out which one of you can eat the other, why don't you just stay in, make a night of it, and don't drag me along so you can say you went out with some "friends". Don't treat me like I piece of shit now that you've got a new toy, Sophie. I'm still a fucking person for christ's sake!" I shout at them before tossing my smoke into one of their shots and grabbing my jacket.

I walk away from them and they know it, finally having taken the time to do something other than each other for a second. I hold out a 20 towards my waiter so she smiles and takes it before I try wiping her tee-shirt covered tits off. That's where the ashes went.


I wake up with a hangover that makes me want to blow my brains all over the floor, but I force my eyes open anyway since I know I'll have to do something today. I stare up at the ceiling for what seems like the longest minute of my life, reflecting on the how drunk I got last night and watching my friend-in-law making out with her new man. I sigh inwardly and use all my strength to prop myself up in my bed, looking around for my bra on the cluttered floor.

First I grab my trusted bottle of asprin off my nightstand, ripping the cap off before tossing back two and putting the bottle back where it belonged. Then I reach for my bra and attempt at standing up before falling back on the bed, wishing I hadn't got so trashed. I do the clasps and then put my arms through the straps before slouching, letting my head fall between my legs. "Why do you do this to youself, Toni?" I rasp out, closing my eyes.

"You gunna have breakfast this morning?" I hear comming from the doorway, a voice I can't quite place, "I made some eggs and blueberry pancakes, if you're interested." My stomach growls as I picture it all piled on a plate, only now realising the smell of the pancakes is in the air. I lift my head and look at the woman who's beckoning me to eat with her.

"You're the waiter..," I manage, laying back in the bed as I try to convince myself that the meal is worth the effort of getting up and maybe putting something on. "Of course, silly, don't you remember? You tipped me a twenty after letting your friend have it and leaving the bar, but you came back around an hour afterwards."

"Eh," I vaguely remember it, but it sounds like something I'd do. I finally stand up, fixing my underwear before looking at the waiter again as I try to recall her name. "Think I should put anything on, since I don't really remember your name and everything?" I kind of laugh at myself and she just smiles, moving gracefully into the room before picking up a large red tee-shirt.

"That's cool, you were really wasted last night, I know. I mean, of all people I should know, I'm the one who served you, right? It's Geena," she explains as she hands me the shirt. "Right, thanks babe. Not a lot of people would be cool about that," I say, slipping the shirt over my head, "so then, how about that breakfast, Geena?" I smile at her, and she just laughs this sweet laugh and heads towards the kitchen. Me, on the other hand, just staring at her before stumbling after.

"Mmmmmm, it smells so good my mouth is watering," I tell her before plopping my ass down on the cold kitchen chair, a plate of the most delicious pancakes I've ever seen surrounded by scrambled eggs infront of me. I pick up my fork and just go balls deep on the pancakes, eating like I haven't even seen food in years. Geena just watches me with a look of amuzement about her face as she sips some coffee.

"Don'tch you want some?" I almost spit before shoving a forkload of eggs into my mouth, barely even letting my teeth touch them much less chew them before swallowing.

"No, I'm on a diet."

"Oh, screw your diet, you're fit as a fiddle now get your cute ass over here and I'll feed you, okay?" I smile at her, noticing how she looks rather scared, "I swear I won't feed you like I feed myself. Come over here, girl." She just giggles and somewhat shyly steps towards the chair besides me then sits down.

"Haha, I have won the battle!" I cheer, making her smile at me, "So which do you want, pancakes or eggs? Wait, never mind, just close your eyes and it'll be a surprise, okay?" I grin deviously and she just laughs as she closes her eyes for me. I stab a little piece of pancake with my fork and lift it slightly before telling her to open her mouth. She does, and I carefully place just the tip of the fork between her lips, seeing her tongue greet it before she bites down.

"Mm," she moans softly as she chews on it, "that is good. I can see why you were gobbling it all down." She smiles at me as she opens her eyes before I modestly say how I made them just for her and then we both start to laugh.

"I'll tell you what," I say, "I'll trade you the rest of this for the rest of your coffee." She nods and I slide the plate closer to her before taking the coffee in my hands, "I've always loved the way the mug is so warm, don't you?"

"Mm-hmm," she agrees, as she enjoys her pancakes and eggs while I sip the coffee.
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