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Doctor Who himself crashes the Tardis in the Forbidden Forest, and mayhem ensues.
The Tardis landed, crashing against trees as it went. Inside, The Doctor and Rose Tyler were already counting until the whole thing fell to pieces. “Are you sure were in London?” Rose asked.
“Doubt it.” Came the answer from the Doctor, who was busy pulling a load of leavers in the Tardis control system. “Leave it to me, Rose” he said, “I’ll pull her into course in a minute”. Rose heard the thumps and crashes all around her, outside the purple Police Box. The Tardis had come to standstill, but still racking and rocking from the bumpy ride.
“What you doing?” Rose asked the Doctor, who was now rushing around the whole Tardis, checking buttons, pushing buttons, pulling leavers.
“Just checking she’s in order. Now, let’s get out. See where we are, to start.” The Doctor said, making for the door. He pulled his dressing gown tighter around him and stared out the Tardis door. Rose followed, and stuck her head out. “Bit leafy for London, isn’t it.” Rose asked, looking at the Doctor as though expecting him to leap back out any minute shouting ‘Dalek!’. The both of them stood out of their transport. They looked round. Just round from the trees, out of the forest, they could see a giant castle. They had landed at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But they didn’t know that.

“It’s a castle. A big one. Nice, too. Marvellous” said the Doctor, clasping his hands together with excitement.
“No it is not marvellous! We don’t even know where we are!” Rose exclaimed, appalled. It definitely was not London or New York, with it’s ‘apple grass’ scent and cat-nurses. Odd. Behind them, there came a man, but it couldn’t have been. He was taller than average man, and four times as wide at the least. It frightened Rose. From her time with the Doctor, she had learned to expect things like this. Killer Christmas trees, Daleks, Cassandra ‘Skin’. But this was different. As he emerged, there was a faint cry of “MorsMORDRE!” and a huge green skull with a serpent coming out of its mouth rose up into the sky. The Doctor looked. “Odd.” Was his only answer.
“Odd!” a voice barked. “That’s the Dark Mark, it’s dangerous! You-Know-Who’s back!”. The massive man Rose had seen earlier came into view. He had a beard, which obscured half his face, and was wearing what looked like a giant pair of huge dungarees and a shirt. He had a string of dead animals around his neck. Rose plucked up her courage. “Who are you?” she stammered. She hid herself behind the Doctor, scared and knock-kneed. She was terrified of this man, whoever he was.
“Me! I’m Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of the Keys an’ grounds at Hogwarts. That’s ‘Ogwarts over there.” He pointed over to the huge castle, made entirely of stone, pale limestone and natural stone. Hagrid beamed at the pair. He saw the expression on their faces, particular Rose’s.
“Don’ be afraid, it’s the Slytherins you should be scared of. Nasty pieces o’ work, them. Never go near ‘em, understand?” Hagrid said. It was almost an order. Rose felt better. She merged from behind the Doctor, and stood up to Hagrid. “I’m Rose. Tyler. Rose Tyler. This is the Doctor” she gestured to the Doctor, in his dressing gown with his hands clasped in his front pockets. “Doctor!” she hissed at him, as he was staring into space, up at the trees.

“Oh, yeah. Hi. I’m the Doctor” said the Doctor, offering his hand to be shaken, and grinned. Hagrid beamed again, and shook his hand. “Pleased ter meet yer. Now, what about getting’ out of ‘ere?” he said. With that, he strode through the forest and out towards the castle. “I can see a tethered Griffin over there” Rose, pointing to the left, were, indeed, a griffin, or something similar, was tied up with a chain to a post.
“Isn’t it sweet!” Rose said, cooing at it.
“Be careful.. It could be dangerous for all we know. Looks at bit suspicious to me. Be careful.” The Doctor said, craning his neck for another look at Hogwarts. “Marvellous place. Wonder who lives here?” said the Doctor.
“No-one lives here. It’s a school. A magic school. People learn magic in there, I’ve heard of it.” Said Rose.
“Don’t be silly. No such thing as magic. No, this a castle used a hideout. Probably one of Lady Cassandra’s tricks to get me. Never mind, we’d better go in at least. If the worst comes to the worst, we’ll just go back in the Tardis, right?” the Doctor explained. It all sounded so simple.
“Wrong. We’re going NOW” Rose gritted through her teeth. They definitely weren’t staying here for long. Even if it was a magic school.

There was a rustling among the leaves. Someone was here, in the forest. Someone coming to get them.
“Doctor!” Rose whispered “There’s someone coming to get us!”.
The Doctor didn’t take any notice. He was to busy. Rose was sure someone was coming to get them. A dark shadow clambered through the trees. It staggered. It was coming forward. As it advanced, Rose saw it was hooded in black robes billowing in the air. A Death Eater, one of Lord Voldermort’s followers. That’s what the Dark Mark meant. There were Death Eaters in the school grounds. As the hooded figure advanced, Rose could see its features. Its pale face was twisted, eyes scarlet. Antonin Dolohov, that’s who it was. The person lifted its hood back. He drew breath, and hissed, like a snake, these words:-
“Avada KEDAVRA!”.
A green light shot out of Dolohov’s wand, and seered straight through the trees.
“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Someone yelled, and another shot of green light went through the trees. This spell hit a centaur deep within the forest, as there came a loud, roaring rear from a horse, at which the Death Eaters took fright and left for good.

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