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A love story; a powerful and beautiful love story.
Maxwell’s hand brushed Sophia’s as she walked softly passed him. Her smile captured everyone who came in contact with her; there was just something so enchanting about her presence that no one could deny her company. Her heart belonged to the one man who gently caressed the inner side of her palm and no one else’s.

Sophia’s eyes were the colour of the grass on an almost dead field, the hint of yellow is what made her so mysterious to others. Her skin was a pale, crisp white, with a freckle here and there. Her hair was a deep, chocolate brown that fell to her shoulders and sometimes hid her elegant features.

Maxwell’s eyes were a magnificent honey brown with a hint of sunshine; they were all she wanted to stare at. His hair was blacker then the night sky during a blackout and he let it fall in waves down the back of his head. He was built strong, but with a passion in his heart that most men do not carry.

She was eccentric; he was calming; she was impatient; he was patient; she was a dreamer; he was a realist.

Their affair of the heart was kept hidden from everyone; no one could know or the long line of Monarchs would end with a simple spoken word. It was only in secret that they would meet, and mostly their meetings never lasted too long. They would share a secret kiss here or there or an embrace when all eyes were somewhere of more importance. He would smile from the other side of the room causing every part of her body to quiver. They were quick moments, but they were everything.

He leaned in quickly to whisper in her ear. “Meet me later?” He waited and felt her finger stroke his thumb. He could not help but smirk as he walked away from her, wishing he could turn and watch her disappear into the crowd.

Sophia felt her cheeks heat up; blushing from the private embrace they just shared. Her heart fluttered slightly before she gained control once again, leaving no sign of the passion she held.

It would not be long until he would be able to hold Sophia in his arms. This would be the first time he would actually be able to share with her exactly how he felt. Every time in the past was so sudden; only when a moment could be spared they would meet, but never for long. Tonight was going to be different; everyone from the guard and the palace would be at the Masquerade. No one would notice either of their absence as long as they returned to the party before the masks were removed.

As the sun began to inch its way behind the silent trees Sophia felt her heart speed; the waiting was finally over, she could give herself to Maxwell and let him make his claim. She buttoned her dress and let her hair fall gracefully to her shoulders. She felt beautiful for the first time in a long time and it was because of the way Maxwell made her feel.

Maxwell stood by the back entrance to the Manor, dressed completely in a black suit so no one would be able to see him. He knew he still had to be cautious and not be too obvious to anyone who may be looking this way. The sound of Sophia’s shoes caught his attention first, but once the back door opened and revealed his love Maxwell felt his own breath stop for a moment while he took in her beauty. She was wearing a magnificent black dress that fit her body perfectly. Each curve was visible even though the fabric was so dark. If he did not have the patients he did, he would have taken her right there.

“You look incredible.” He managed to say once his breath came back to him. He reached his hand out to help her down the three steps. He saw her cheeks blush, which meant she had to be as nervous as he was.

“Thank you.” She replied, smiling her magical smile. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” Sophia held his hand gently; feeling his heart racing through his fingers put her a little more at ease.

They held hands as they walked towards the empty house that lay at the end of the street. It was Maxwell’s mother’s house when she was a child. Even though she lived in such an elegant palace now, she could not lose the house she had grown up in. Maxwell had made sure that he prepared the bedroom with appropriate amount of pillows and blankets to keep Sophia comfortable.

The house was dark as they approached, just as Maxwell had assumed it would be. “Stay here just a moment while I just double check that there is no one inside.” He kissed her gently on the forehead before he entered the dark house. In a moments time he emerged with a satisfied grin on his face. “There is no one here.”

Sophia walked over to him, taking a hold of his hand before he led her into the house. Max had lit a few candles so it would not be so dark that they would not be able to see one another.

“This is perfect Max,” Sophia began to say but was cut off by Max’s smile. He looked content, at ease for the first time. She knew it was because they had nothing to worry about; not a soul knew where they were.

“Sophie,” she smiled back at him, sharing the same emotions with him. “I love you.” Whatever else he was going to say was summed up in those three words.

They each took a step closer to one another; they were so close now that they could feel each other’s breath. Max wrapped his arms tightly around her, pulling her right to him, feeling her heartbeat against his. He pressed his lips to hers, gently kissing her until the passion took over both of them. The pressure between them was so intense that they went crashing into the nearest wall, causing a few pictures to fall to the ground. Sophia pulled herself up by pulling on his shoulders; she was now more level with him. Max pushed her up even more by putting his hands under her, which caused Sophia’s legs to wrap around Max’s waist.

Max pushed off from the wall and carefully made his way towards the bedroom. Sophia nibbled on his ear and kissed his neck, while softly rubbing her hands through his hair. Once they were in the room, Max sped up his pace and collapsed into the bed on top of Sophia. His lips began kissing her down her neck and collar bone while her hands still caressed his hair. He ripped off his jacket, throwing it on to the floor. Sophia began undoing the buttons on her dress when Max stopped her.

“I’ll do that.” He whispered in her ear as his hands moved to the back the dress. One by one he undid the buttons, revealing Sophia’s bare back. Max turned her body slightly so he could kiss her shoulders and back. “You are so beautiful, how did I ever get so lucky?”

“I was thinking the same thing.” Sophia replied closing her eyes as Max gently pulled her dress off.

There was no thought of covering up, she did not feel ashamed or scared to let him see her, all of her; he was the one she had been waiting for all this time. Max pulled her close to his body then laid her gently back on to the bed. He kissed her all over as she whimpered at his touch. She had never felt anything like it; all she wanted to do was lose her entire self with him.

Sophia turned her eyes to Max, who was kissing her stomach, “Come here,” she whispered to him. He moved himself so he was now directly on top of her; Sophia moved her hands down to the rim of his pants and carefully undid the button. She started pulling them down however Max had to finish, but he just used his feet to pull them off. He ripped his shirt off and threw it on to the floor alongside his jacket.

Sophia held tightly on to Max’s back as the initial pain turned into a sensation unlike any she had ever felt. Her heart rate sped up quickly, but it went in pace with his. Max kissed her with such passion she felt like she would explode with emotion. She dug her nails into his back and he moaned slightly, but not in pain.

Max had never lost control before; he was always able to keep a situation going the way he planned. Right now, with Sophia, he had no influence on anything. All he wanted was to hear her breath, to feel her heart, to touch her skin and feel her tremble. She let out a satisfying cry, only making it that much better for him.

Max rolled over on to his back while holding on to Sophia’s hips. He let her do as she wished, and he watched her enjoy having the power. His hands never left her though; he always made sure to be touching her somewhere.

Sophia fell on to him, reaching her full pleasure; Max twisted her back so she was underneath him once again. He held her around the waist and placed the other around her neck, kissing her with all the worship she deserved.

She fell asleep soon after with her head upon his shoulder. Max watched as she dreamed, feeling for the first time in his life that happily ever after could happen.

They only rested for an hour before returning to the palace for the party, only to discover it had ended in a most horrific way. The rebels from the west invaded the masquerade killing many of the important guests.

Maxwell felt his soul sadden when he was told only his cousin Henry survived the attack; which now meant that Maxwell would become King.

It was only three weeks after that most amazing of nights that King Maxwell was crowned into the throne with his peasant Queen Sophia by his side. (Though no one ever knew that she was from the most horrible upbringing, Most believe that she is a Gypsy Princess whom Maxwell met on his week long journey to bury his parents.

Maxwell did miss his parents and the rest of his family, however, he knew that if that massacre had never happened, he would never have been able to marry Sophia, and the child she is carrying would have grown up without a father.
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