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On a dark scary night in the fall
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Arrogance rides a black horse
on a dark scary night in the fall.
A Demon, who sets his course;
searching for corrupted souls of all

those who sent him to the gallows.
Try to escape the masked crusader;
The Phantom of the Hallows -
The feared graveyard invader.

'Twas greed they were seeking
that caused them to be disloyal.
Now, masquerading, they're shrieking
unable to hide their betrayal.

But, the Phantom of the Hallows
wants vengeance for injustice,
so every Halloween he follows
those costumes seeking justice.

If on the eve before All Saint's Day
you hear loud clop, clop, clopping,
as you creep past the cemetery;
it's just the Phantom's horse galloping.

Don't be afraid he's not after you.
It's only those souls of the dead
that he's so desperately set to pursue.
Aye! Just run for your life instead!


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