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Quiet tales so long suppressed come flooding into view... Bi Polar Heartache
Bi-Polar Heartache:
A Loving Heart, Belied…

Quiet tales so long suppressed
Come flooding into view.
The years keep melding
One by one – they seep as they imbue.
And time keeps marching, ever on
With silent words – taboo…

You ask me what it’s like to live
With such a sad disease –
Bi-Polar heartache every day
With minor ways to please.
And little in the way of help
To aid or to appease…

My life is full of balanced acts,
So careful must I tread.
You never know what sets him off –
What horrors lie ahead.
And so in quiet slumber, lost –
I cry upon my bed.

The ill-got-gains of this disease
Belie a loving heart.
With decades passing hand in hand –
We’ve grown so far apart.
Its ever-present destiny
Seems never to depart…

And so in silence I remain
A dedicated wife.
I suck it up – and reign it in.
It cuts me like a knife…
Yet, still, I’m thankful for the gifts
We have – as we share life. *Heart*

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