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lesson 2 for sunrise
“It always has to be about you, doesn't it?” Ean muttered, glaring at a picture of his best friend, “sometimes, I wish that you'd see how it feels like to be left in the dark.”

rising action

It was as Ean and Kain were walking home that Ean's wish was granted. They didn't have time to react as two guys jumped out.

“Well, look what we have here.” They smirked.

A few days later the two found themselves locked in a cage in a very dark, damp room. Ean glanced at his friend, who was lying in a bloody heap unconscious.

The two men came back into the room, “here ya go,” one threw him some food.

“What about my friend?' Ean demanded, “he hasn't eaten in two days.”

“Your friend doesn't need any food,” the two smirked and Ean heard a gun shot go off. He looked at his friend as blood started coming out to mix with the red hair.

Falling action

A few days later they were found. Ean went to his friend's funeral, and watched as they lowered the casket in.

It wasn't the last time he thought about his friend, but now nobody mentioned him.
Part 2 of assignment:
"I don't understand how we got caught up in this." Ean heard what sounded like gunshots coming from the next room and the door burst open.

The two boys looked up as a very familiar person stepped in the room. Ean knew for sure that they were finally rescued.

falling action

The guy hurried over to them, unlocking the cage and helping first his red headed friend, then Ean, up. It wasn't that long to make it to the door and get out, although Kian had to be carried out.

The Rye family guards were amazing, Ean knew, but this was unbelievable, even to him, it seemed his friends family wasn't scared of much, but their guards were scared of even less.


With the protection they made it to the house in plenty of time and Kian was carried off to see the doctor about his wounds.


"What happened?" Ean's dad was now beside him and everyone else was staring at him.

"well," he said, "we were walking outside at dark when these guys jumped us, we didn't really have time to do anything, I'm not sure what happened considering I got knocked out, but I think that Kian managed to make them mad. They tortured him a lot."

Rising action

Ean was eventually laying in the guest bedroom thinking to himself what happened:

When he first woke up the first thing he'd noticed was that his friend was redder than normal, his hair was covering his shoulders and going down his back. Blood dripped from several open wounds on his back, arms, and legs.

Ean watched his friend get tortured for several days, but they treated him nice, giving him plenty of food and water and a matress to lay down on.

Either way Ean was pleased to get out of there.

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