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Don't be intimidated by my independence

It's just one of the concepts which have not yet failed me

Don't conclude my solitary streak with doubt

Everyone is different but yet the same

You will always meet that person who claims they are different from the last

Their words seem wise but lack wisdom

I base my sentiments on realisation

I can stimulate your mind and your senses

I can feed your soul to inspire humility

I want to learn from you and teach you

I want to share your situations and experiences

I want to be your strength as well as your subject of courage

I don't need to cry on your shoulder to make you feel like a man

To make myself helpless to make you feel stronger

To prize in your social status to make you feel important

I understand you as an individual still having a life of your own

I understand that sometimes you must treat emotions with caution

And I understand that I am not the only one who holds importance in your life

I will love you with an open heart

Trust you with an open mind

And bless you with an open soul

My brothers,

Stick with the woman who won't try to change you, but inspires you to change yourself

The woman who requests affection and not your pay check

The woman who would do for you what she would do for herself
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