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...a predicament in the life of a precocious, four-footed feline.

         On Friday morning I woke up, as I do every day, and began filling four little dishes with cat food.  I stepped outside and only Goober and Fur-Fur were present.  Somewhere far away was a clear, soft yet pleading:  "meow, meow, meow..." 

         Where was Stinker?  ...in the garage?  I listened.  No, his meows were not coming from there.  Suddenly my eyes were drawn up and to the left where Stinker sat on the corner, roof-edge of the condominium carport across the alley.  Hmm...

         I looked at my green, plastic porch chair...  not high enough.  Then I remembered a ladder somewhere in the garage... and went to fetch my key.  Finding the ladder without hestitation, I maneuvered my way out of the garage and over to the carport -- in pajamas, no less!  Securely placing the ladder, I carefully climbed, reaching for Mr. Stinker... who suddenly was scared and not so sure a rescue was what he wanted.  With pupils dilated, he began backing away.  Determined, I pulled him toward me.  His claws extended and legs flailing, I grabbed him firmly and made my way safely down the ladder.  Setting him promptly on the ground, he bounded over to eat -- completely forgetting his former predicament.  I didn't fare so well with arm and chest bleeding and bruised! 

         Returning the ladder to the garage, I walked over to gather "Sir."  Taking him into the house, I showered and readied myself for work... wondering how in the world Stinker got himself onto the roof of that carport?  I chuckled, "Stinker" suits him well.
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