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by Harry
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A poem about how La countryfolk use persimmon seeds to foretell the winter's harshness.
I was born and raised inside a city.
Uncle Travis thinks that’s a real pity.
It seems I know little country folklore,
and Travis wants me to learn a lot more.

Today he taught me how the ripe seeds from
persimmons predict the winter to come --
whether it’ll be mild, snowy, or have ice.
It acts as Nature’s forecasting device.

The dark seed is cracked open in halves,
revealing what shape its light embryo has.
Either a spoon, fork, or knife will be seen.
Already I’m intrigued; I find this keen.

If a spoon is there, winter will be mild,
not too cold, with mostly rain — nothing wild.
If a fork is seen, winter’ll be a bit worse.
With a couple of snowstorms, we’ll be cursed.

Should a knife be there, winter’ll be quite cold,
with much snow and even ice storms foretold.
Here in Louisiana our winters are tame;
winter every year’s pretty much the same.

Uncle Travis learned this folklore from his dad
seventy years back when Travis was a lad.
Louisiana old-timers swear this works well,
for predicting winter’s harshness the seeds excel.

Today we opened a persimmon seed.
We saw a spoon clear as day, both agreed.
Winter this year will be mild it predicts.
It is strange how country folk get their kicks!

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