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mien heir brent
        Muzzy stands at the edge of his neighbor's swimming pool.
        He is wearing his red bathing trunks. He blesses himself.
        He puts his right index finger to his forehead, then to his belly
        button, then to his left shoulder and then his right shoulder.+
        With one confident step; he splashes under the water.

        Muzzy struggles to the surface and grabs the corner of the
        cement pool. Dewight laughs, "Did you think you could walk
        on water?" Muzzy pulls himself up and sits with his legs in
        the water: "Jesus said, 'Your faith will hold you up.'"
        Dewight's teeth are brilliant white in his black face, "Muzzy
        do you believe in Santa Clause?" Muzzy shrugs.

        Dewight dives off the diving board. He cuts the water hands first.
        "Saint Nicholas is dead." Muzzy stands at the edge of the pool.
        He steps off again and splashes under the water. Muzzy pulls
        Dewight's foot. They wrestle under the water. Muzzy returns to
        his sitting on the edge of the pool, "Is Jesus dead?"

        "He's not here. Maybe, he is. It doesn't matter anymore." Dewight
        makes another leap off the diving board. He strikes his head on the
        board. Muzzy dives in and pulls Dewight to the concrete patio. There
        is a lot of blood. Muzzy calls an ambulance and wraps Dewight's head
        with a towel. Dewight's got nine stitches on the back of his head.

        Dewight laughs, "You think I pissed him off?" Muzzy smiles, "Nope."
        The parents arrive at the emergency ward and ask to take their children
        home. "We are not children. We are martyrs." Muzzy smiles.
        Dewight laughs.

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