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To sacrifice a little, and enjoy freedom, family, and friends - a poem.
Men and women driven by duty –
Those dedicated to service
Of a higher cause,
Whose hearts and passion
Defend the liberty and strengths of other
Inordinately ‘wealthy’ people,
Exist for one true and deliberate calling –
For what they definitely ‘want’,
And for what they definitely would ‘like’ to have.
Those for whom others so often come first
Want what is deemed necessary and vital,
On a day-to-day,
Month-to month,
And year-to-year basis;
But what they would like are
Loving, warm, and special times
With family and friends,
In their homes and familiar haunts,
Watching their children and grandchildren
Grow up proud and free,
Enjoying all of the cherished amenities
And natural goodness that they enjoyed.
To sacrifice a little,
And experience the joys and wonders
Of life along with everyone else,
Is a distinguished and lifelong goal
Which always has,
And forever will,
Continue to serve humankind,
And especially, the men and women of duty.
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