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A dedication and tribute to the Grim Reaper - (contains Latin words and abbreviations).
                "Requiscat In Pace*"                                  "(May he 'or she' rest in peace)"

With all death per se a warning is carried                        With all death (through itself) a warning is carried
"Memento mori", the promise then married.                    (Remember you must die), the promise then married.
Et al their final day lies here                                          (And others) their final day lies here
Ne plus ultra, as wish would hold dear.                          (Not further beyond), as wish would hold dear.

A desire to bargain, quid pro quo                                    A desire to bargain, (something for something)
Mutatis mutandis, then peace all should know.      (The things that ought to have been changed having been changed),
Deeds remaining ex post facto are lost                                                                        then peace all should know.
In medias res, their demise a final cost.                        Deeds remaining (from what is done afterwards) are lost.
                                                                                  (Into the midst of things), their demise a final cost.
I bid you your worth, persona non grata                          I bid you your worth, (person not pleasing)
For in orbiter dicta, honor and pleading you had a          For in (things said by the way), honor and pleading you had a
Reason for leaving, oh, sub rosa forever.                        Reason for leaving, oh (in confidence, with secrecy) forever.
My appreciation to God ultra vires to forget never.          My appreciation to God (beyond my authority) to forget never.

Bona Fide I trust we will meet again someday.              (In good faith) I trust we will meet again someday.
Cui bono, and again I shall ask in such a way.              (For whom is it good?), and again I shall ask in such a way.
Pari passu what will be my destiny then.                      (With equal pace - alongside) what will be my destiny then.
Sine qua non - who, what, where and when!                  (Without which not) - who, what, where and when!

Noli me tangere, until such as comes that time,            (Touch me not), until such as comes that time,
De profundis - to live is not my crime.                            (Out of the depths of sorrow/despair) - to live is not my crime.
Ecce homo, darker than the darkest night                      (Behold the man) - darker than the darkest night
Nolle prosequi, STET - we know it is right.                    (To not wish to proceed), (let it stand) - we know it is right.

Nunc Dimittis - Deo volente!                                          (Now lettest Thou 'thy servant' depart) - (God willing) !

11/7/08 - Chatabit
The Merit Badge I received for being "Supportive" could not be more ironic. Thank you 'grim reaper' for this inspiration. 
The 'transcription' for the meaning of this writing is on the right side. Thank you for reading. 

*R.I.P.: Latin, on old tombstones, short for "May he (or she) rest in peace," not "Rest in peace,". Seen on old French or German tombstones too.
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