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A look at life,from birth to now.
By an act of nature, it took my Mother days to produce me, no more - no less, just the days it takes to produce a baby. As the first born, I was called a miracle. Why, I do not know. I cried a lot, in return I got everything I wanted. Milk (in natural containers), time, attention, everything. I cried, I got. Everything. That was easy.

I grew, was taught this, that and the other. How to crawl, walk, talk. Do this, leave that, behave yourself. Put the seat down, manners, more manners. Stop crying, you are not a baby anymore (says who). Laughter; smile; funny; not so funny; scary; not smiling anymore. One way or the other, that hurt. A new one, hurt.

Falling, a lot of falling. On the floor, on my backside, my head seems to be falling on it's own. Bumping, blue, purple, red - colours - brown; pink; rainbow; flowers; birds; bees. The law of gravity. Nobody tells you so. What goes up, will come down. Mostly on your head, cars, balls, planes, trains.

Tri-cycle; bicycle; running; jumping; walking; talking; swimming (beats a bath). School, this is fun. (so I was told). Nice teachers. Balls - more balls; cricket; rugby; tennis. Friends; girls; books; toys; sports; holidays. Sandwiches - fancy, tasty, peanutbutter, jam.

Lucky if you get sandwiches, make it yourself. What is going on around here ? Where is my tuckshop money ? Where is everybody ? Divorce. What is that ? Bullies, homework, punishment, assignments, rude teachers. That took a long, long time - I was still a child.

Then the army came, made a man out of me! Taught me how to walk, run, fall, roll, all the things, I have always done. But now the fun was gone. Smoking, drinking, swearing, chasing women, killing. Everybody agreed : They made a MAN out of me. ?

Chasing woman and other important things, hi-fi, cars, drink, now was the thing. In my spare time, I got a full time job to pay for all of this fun I was having. Being a bachelor was expensive! What about a permanent arrangement, a darling wife, light of my life, mother of my children. That must be fun. I was somebody's husband next.

Children came, in much the same way as I did. They grew the same way, not much different. Except the girls. They grew up like their mother (thank heaven).

My great-grandfather begat his son, who begat his son, who begat his son - me - who begat his son, who begat his son. If this one hurries, starts begatting, I might make great-grandfather myself. This begatting story, apparently started with a couple called - Adam and Eve. When it will stop ? I do not know.

What did this all cost me ? Not much. I paid a little attention, a few smiles, that is all.

At that price, could I get another. Please ? I still have quite a few things to do. Learning to write; would be one of them. Thank You.

- - - - - - - This is the edited version of my first attempt at writing, I must sincerely thank all the reviewers for comments and direction. - - - - - - -

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