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People tend to compain without any basis
you're so sensitive, you thought everyone's gonna hurt you

you're so defensive you bent the truth to preserve your views

you put your head too high from your shoulders my dear

and stretched you arms to guard you from your fears

is it because of revenge? or a lil bit of bitterness?

you're a fool who is played by another fool

thought the world revolves around that person's happiness,

however, even though how much you care for that person, still the person's so cruel

stop crying, stop dying, everythings gonna be right again

all this memories will be remembered and not gonna be in vain

sleep for today, wake up in the most happiest hour

for it'll be over as I keep my promise guarding you from that tower

but you just left, you're as stubborn as me then

you are a moron and an egoistical maniac

then you saw with your own eyes that you were losing everything

that everything I said was right, you came back, but what for?

you just played another game, hide and seek, crying wolf everytime you're hurt

but still, I was there, futile it may be I offered my heart

and you just ignored it, afraid that every person is like your past.

you smite me and left me for the ashes...

still I waited at that spot where you left me...

but never shall you return...

had a promise once,

never knew you're not the word of honor type...

how mad I am falling from you, and now I descend to the deepest corner of your heart

you're just digging your own grave, but if that makes you happy then go

you're just looking for contentment not love...

everything is blur, you cannot accept that that person just used you

now you are so passive you tend to use people without you knowing it...

you changed my world, but turned my skies into blue...

from sunset, to sunrise I wished for the stars

and God gave me the moon, but my right mistake is...

falling for a nightshadow...

always gone when the sun shines

and there at night...

drifted away by the reflections of endearment and sadness..

where are you?

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