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The anger of having a writer's block.
So I'm having a writers-block, which is really upsetting since I'm bored out of my mind. I need experience. I need to do something constructive. I could always write about being horny as hell, but that just seems a little aggressive, even for my taste. Write about being in love would be fun, but I haven't been in love for ages, a decade to be exact.
Then there's about religion but that always ends up offending somebody. Then there's politics, which I know s#%& about, so that wont do either. Then we have about life, but we all know life so screw that. Perhaps I should just delete all I've written above, or I could call this piece 'Writers-block'

So we call this this s#%& a writers-block since there is s#%& to write about. So I could scream through the room and get all testy and s#%&! A red face and dizziness from all the damn coffee I've been drinking all day. Perhaps eight cups strong, knife-cutting coffee and around 20 red cigs, which have given me a soar throat, so screaming would properly make a hole in my lung, and I would most likely start coughing up blood.
My neighbor has been making noise all freaking day, and that doesn't help much on the anger of having this f#%&ing writers-block! And I don't wanna be an ass and start banging the wall and tell them to shut the hell up! So what I'm gonna do, is write about it!.. This is the feeling of a writers-block when boredom and too much coffee is added to it!

Hope you enjoyed reading this s#%&, this will most likely not be only one in this subject I'm gonna write in my life. There Will be a lot more of the kind. So have a great day and try to enjoy my misery. Thank you.. =)
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