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Consumer Alert - Plastic with triangle "7" or "PC" on bottom
                            BPA - Best Plastic to Avoid!

Adults and children should stay away from the number seven
On the bottom of plastic it may make our trip faster to heaven.
But that number is also the catch-all for "other"
So says the National Toxicology Program* for big brother.

"BPA" is the best plastic to avoid and that's what I read
Chemical leaching from containers into foods and liquids is what it said.
Canned infant formula and clear plastic bottles for baby
Canada and USA began a study and others should too, maybe.

The substance is bisphenol-a (BPA) in the hard plastics make
Polycarbonate like clear plastic, food containers that are hard to break.
Refillable water bottles and plastic pitchers used for filtering water so clear
Be careful when you think about the water you are drinking my dear.

Not only the number seven because they also use the letters "PC"
So be aware it's not a personal computer and that's obvious to see.
Changes in mammary and prostate tissue suggest a cancer risk
Female mice exposed appeared to accelerate puberty - tisk, tisk.

The high temperature processing of soup, pasta, fruits and the vegetables we eat
In those canned products hide the liner with BPA, oh yes - what a treat!
Canned beverages like soft-drinks may contain less
We wonder why our food supply is such a mess!

BPA migrates into food from polycarbonate bottles and containers
The epoxy resin coatings that line canned food can NOT be removed with strainers.
So don't be fooled by products labeled "organic" because it IS in there
Only cans and plastics that say "BPA-Free" can be trusted - if you care.

*National Toxicology Program,
part of the Department of Health and Human Services

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4/25/08 Local newspaper printed article with reference to the "New York Times"
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